Synthetic Turf for Dog Runs, Kennels, and Backyard Play Areas

Every year it seems, we find a new potential use for synthetic turf. Whether it’s synthetic turf for a commercial lot or a residential backyard, synthetic turf technology has advanced to make this grass alternative a truly wise choice. And now, advancements in technology have made synthetic turf a durable, lasting, pet-proof choice for dog runs, dog kennels, and heavy-use backyard play areas. Finally, a turf which will hold up against anything and everything that our kids, dogs, cats, and other fun-seekers can throw at it.

Synthetic Turf, the Number One Solution for Dog Kennels

Dogs and kids can be rough on grass. That’s nothing new. As homeowners, we’re constantly having to maintain and upkeep our natural grass yards, as they get heavily damaged from digging, playing, scratching, running, and yes, urinating. In a way, dogs are a lawn’s worst nightmare. But we love our furry, four-legged pooches, so what’s a family to do?

Enter in synthetic turf, the number one solution that lets you have all of the dogs you want and a beautiful, resilient, maintenance-free lawn, all on one property. Sounds like a dream fantasy? Maybe, but now that dream is a reality with synthetic turf solutions.

Five Benefits of Artificial Dog Grass

Give your walkway a unique edge by using flagstone. Flagstone can add a classic and elegant appeal to your home or business with its natural feel and durability.

Versatile Concrete Sidewalks

Synthetic turf provides a safe, tough, dog-proof covering for your front and backyards, allowing for all of the play space that your pets need, but with none of the fear and apprehension about damage, digging, mud, etc. Artificial dog grass looks great and feels great for decades, all while providing a superior play space for pets of all kinds.

    • Artificial turf is well-protected against urination, and while natural grass is damaged by dogs going potty, artificial turf will not be affected at all. No more ugly, discolored, brown patches in your yard, thanks to artificial turf.
    • Artificial dog grass kennels and runs are durable. These are pet-friendly backyards that withstand all kinds of abuse from pets. No more dirt patches, rips, tears, claw marks, etc.
    • Synthetic turf is much more difficult for dogs to dig through than natural grass is, and we all know how much dogs love to dig! Synthetic turf is made from polymer tire cord, a strong material which repels the claws and digging intentions of all but the most determined of animals.
    • Artificial grass is easy to maintain. While natural grass dog runs need to be fertilized, watered, mowed, weeded, and edged, artificial grass requires none of this. Simply pick up debris, discarded dog toys, dog refuse, and any other objects and hose the turf down once in a while to return it to its upright, bold green luster.
    • Artificial turf looks great and feels great. Whether you are installing artificial turf for your own backyard, or if you own a dog kennel or dog run and want to upgrade, artificial turf simply looks and feels great. Total uniformity, one section of turf to the next, and a cushioned, impact-absorbing sand infill layer beneath the turf make for an aesthetic and safe play area for children and pets alike

Smart Scapes LLC – The Experts in Pet-Friendly Backyard Artificial Turf

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Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Grass for Outdoor Dog Kennels

We get asked a lot of questions about synthetic grass as a ground cover application for dog boarding houses, dog kennels, and residential backyards of clients who have several dogs. We’ve included the top five questions we hear the most, and their answers, below:

Does artificial turf get damaged when dogs go potty on it?

Easily the question that’s on everyone’s mind, and we touched on it briefly above. Artificial turf is impervious to dog poo. All you need to do is remove the poo, and then wash the spot down gently with a garden hose to return the turf to its original green luster. No stain, no odor.

What about dog urine?

Another good question. Synthetic grass is fully permeable, which means that urine and other liquids pass through the turf, through the sand infill layers beneath the turf, and into the soil below, just as nature intended.

Will artificial turf get too hot for pets to play on?

Artificial turf can warm up in the sun, but only in the most extreme of conditions, unlike asphalt and concrete which heat up with only relatively moderate sunlight. Artificial turf will warm up, yes, but it takes blistering heat and extreme sun to cause this occur, i.e. heat conditions that you wouldn’t want your pets out playing in any way.

Does artificial turf stand up to heavy abuse and “extreme” playing?

It does. Our artificial turf is made with polypropylene synthetics for the fibers and polymer tire cord for the backing. It is extremely durable and withstands even the most determined pet’s digging, running, scratching, playing, and roughhousing.

Is artificial turf safe for pets?

It is. USA-made synthetic grasses are non-toxic and made with recyclable materials, such as polypropylene, polyurethane, and latex. All components used to make synthetic turfs are held to high standards by federal, state, and local regulations. Synthetic turfs are fully non-toxic, allergy-free, and safe for pets, kids, and adults alike.

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