Difference Between Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf

Difference Between Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass

There is often confusion on the difference between synthetic turf and artificial grass. What makes it even more confusing is that both are fake grass yet called different names to identify the two types. What’s fake grass? Fake or artificial grass is a synthetic made to mimic natural grass. Synthetic turf and artificial grass are manufactured and installed uniquely and have differing levels of quality and performance. 

What Artificial Grass Is

Artificial grass or Third Generation AG, is considered the higher quality and better performing of the two synthetic grass. Artificial grass best mimics natural grass and is the one chosen to be installed by most professional stadiums. Mimic natural grass it does, but artificial grass is rough with a higher friction rate. The artificial grass will scrap and or burn the skin when a fall occurs.

What Artificial Turf Is

Artificial turf or First Generation AG, is made to withstand the roughest sports. Artificial turf is a hard and very rough texture. This type of artificial grass is chosen by many soccer teams to withstand the constant bombardment of cleats and feet grinding. What makes artificial turf so nice is that the makeup of this synthetic allows for it to be played on wet and is much less injury-inducing when there are falls.

What The Two Share

Artificial grass and artificial turf are distinctively different yet share some common properties. Both fake types of grass have zero water waste or cost. There is also little maintenance involved with both artificial grass and artificial turf. This also leads to the fact that neither have toxic residues from chemical treatments natural grass typically sees.

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