Don’t Remove That Old Concrete Driveway Slab; Make It Stunning With Overlay Pavers

Paver Driveway

Don’t Remove That Old Concrete Driveway Slab; Make It Stunning With Overlay Pavers

Picture it: you’ve had your concrete driveway for years. It’s been a stunning addition to your home and has been the cherry on top of your outdoor space. But, like constructed surfaces of all sorts, it has to be replaced eventually. Even the sturdiest of concrete surfaces have a shorter shelf life than you think. We understand how important it is to have a beautiful yard and hate to see concrete wither over time; after all, replacing concrete is an awful lot of work that’s a loud, lengthy process.

If this sounds like you, it’s a great time to explore your options, and we’d like to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets in landscaping — driveway pavers! Below are some benefits of choosing overlay pavers.

Quicker and Easier Installation Than Traditional Concrete

Because there’s little prep work for pavers, installation can happen in a fraction of the time that you would spend repairing or replacing your concrete driveway. Fast turnaround, lower labor costs, less time spent blocking the entrance to your home, fewer loud noises and less mess leave you with a long-lasting upgrade on traditional concrete. This is a once-only project that requires minimal maintenance, and you can use them for your driveway or your patio — whatever fits your needs!

Pavers Add Durability to Your Walking or Driving Areas

You might think that pavers are more susceptible to damage over time, but proper installation means that pavers can hold against everyday wear and tear. Did you know that all concrete pavers have to adhere to the American Society for Testing and Materials standards? This means they will be able to withstand freeze and thaw cycles over time regardless of thickness. What also makes pavers more durable is that they require much less excavation and preparatory work than replacing a concrete driveway or patio, so they can rest easily over the base for a longer period of time.

Concrete Pavers Are Cost-Effective

While pavers can cost more upfront than traditional concrete driveways, their durability and flexibility make them more cost-effective over time due to minimal maintenance. That quicker patio paver installation we mentioned earlier? It means lower costs for the homeowner, leaving more money in your bank account for other home improvement projects.

Here at Smart Scapes, we understand how important it is to maximize every dollar of your landscape budget. That money invested increases your home value and curb appeal, and our team members are ready to help you create the space of your dreams.

If you live in the greater Nashville area and you’re ready to get started today with your paver installation, give the experts a call at (615) 356-0139 or fill out the quick contact form on our website!       

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