Making East Nashville Gas Station Lots Slip-Safe and Environmentally Friendly

  • Businesses need to be safe for both customers and employees.
  • This can be tricky to accomplish, especially during Nashville's rainy season!
  • Thankfully, Smart Scapes specializes in permeable pavers, Nashville's favored stormwater management method.
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Smart Scapes LLC is a contracting group that offers landscaping, driveway paving, snow removal, lawn care, erosion control, water management, parking lot paver installation, tree trimming and removal, hardscapes, and a range of other services. Our mission is to offer exemplary services that are:

  • Aesthetically unmatched in quality and visual splendor.
  • Environmentally ethical and conscious.
  • Unique in design and function.
  • Tailor-built and crafted to our clients' exact specifications.

Every week we complete projects that reset the bar even higher for landscape design and outdoor contracting services. One of our most recent projects was in designing and building a brand new paving system for a newly built Shell gas station located in East Nashville. Read on to see how we are changing the way that commercial businesses and homes in Nashville are handling their pavement systems and stormwater runoff in an eco-friendly manner.

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Getting Started on a Permeable Project

In the “Shell Gas Station Project,” as we are called it, we combined our design team’s own engineering ingenuity in top-notch landscape architecture, our group’s commitment to eco-conscious practices, and our installation crew’s flair for aesthetics, all into one project. We put together permeable-paved driving, parking, and servicing lots for the newest Shell gas station right here in East Nashville. This brand new Shell station needed space and it needed it badly, as the location has always been known for high car volume and foot traffic. A busy gas station on a busy street corner has no room for stormwater management, rain gardens, or stormwater retention ponds, so we solved Shell’s water runoff responsibilities at this location by installing eco-friendly permeable pavers throughout the property.

This is the trend that we are effectively making into a habit for Nashville businesses and homes, i.e. installing permeable paving systems for environmentally conscious clients. That’s our mission. As environmental consciousness goes up, gas stations and other commercial lots are beginning to take responsibility for their stormwater runoff and drainage. To meet the rising need for eco-friendly paving solutions, Smart Scapes LLC stands as the leading contractor group in all of Nashville for expert permeable paving solutions.

A Safe, Hassle-Free Paving System for a Brand New Shell Gas Station

Every time we approach a new project, we make a considerable effort to improve multiple aspects of that location. This way we provide real value to our clients. We don’t want to just do our job and move on. We want to leave a lasting impression and treat every job like it's the only job that we are working on.

For example, in this project, we not only made the gas station’s paving systems eco-friendly, but we made the entire lot safer too. As one can imagine, gas stations are known for having an extremely high amount of foot traffic, more so than most commercial locations have. Gas stations have patrons getting out of their vehicles and pumping gas or servicing their cars. patrons enter and exit the station building for purchases, to use the facilities, etc. When anything from light rains to full-on downpours occur, traditional pavement becomes wet and create a risk for people slipping and falling. 

When gas station patrons slip and fall, this creates not only an unpleasant experience for the individual who suffers the accident, but it creates a pretty dangerous liability for the gas station owners too. With a brand new, permeable paving system, this Shell gas station can say goodbye to risks of slipping and falling amongst their patrons and employees alike. Permeable pavers are the eco-friendly solution and the safe solution for customers and employees alike.

Interested in a permeable paver solution for your home or business? Call (615) 456-0139 to speak with one of our estimators.

Why All Gas Stations Should Use Permeable Pavers

This is why permeable pavers are just so useful. They accomplish multiple tasks at once, in addition to being a wonderful paving method that essentially lasts forever. 

The science in the hardscaping techniques that create permeable paver design and installation is truly incredible. In a permeable paving system, water passes through the pavers and into the soil beneath, preventing water from pooling on the surface of the pavers themselves. As the water is constantly transferring through the pavers and into the cracks between each paver, this prevents slipping and falling. On another note, permeable pavers also help increase vehicle traction even in the most torrential of downpours. Thanks to our expert design and installation processes, the Shell station now has two parking lots, a service lot, and multiple walkways that will keep customers safe from slipping, that are beautiful and aesthetic, and which are all environmentally friendly too.

A Unique, Completed Project in Permeability

The new Shell gas station in East Nashville is now open for business, so locals can experience what it’s like to use a gas station that has top-grade paving. Though customers won’t necessarily be able to watch the permeable process occur, the pavers will transfer Nashville’s trademark Spring and Summer stormwaters directly from the surface of the pavers, through the pavers, and into the specially installed aggregate rock bedding layers beneath them. The water is then filtered from there into the soil and finally into the aquifers beneath Nashville. The only thing customers will see on the surface is the remarkable lack of puddles and rainwater buildup anywhere on the property at this gas station, even in the most brutal of southern rainstorms. And just that alone is something else to watch.

Permeable paving is the epitome of eco-paving. This is a relatively new approach to paving that is changing the way that homes, businesses, and even entire cities pave. This approach is ethical because it returns stormwater into the ground just as nature intended, instead of flooding storm drains, lakes, ponds, rivers, and nearby streams. This approach also makes it safe for patrons and residents alike to walk even during the wettest months. Ready for permeable paving solutions on your own commercial lot or residential property? Contact Smart Scapes LLC today at (615) 422-5263 (LAND) for more information and to take the first step towards your own, customized, aesthetic, safe, and eco-friendly paving project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about permeable pavers? Wondering, “Who is the best paving contractor in Nashville?” or, “Who is the best hardscaping contractor near me?” Look no further than Smart Scapes LLC. We will help you with all of your hardscaping, paving, and landscaping needs. To learn more, check out our FAQ below. You can also call us direct at (615) 356-0139.

  • Where can I get permeable pavers installed?
  • Just about anywhere! We can install top-notch, eco-friendly pervious pavers in open and space-constricted areas alike. Our landscaping architects and expert installation crews are able to design and install permeable paving systems in the form of driveways, parking lots, walking paths, sidewalks, entryways, cul-de-sacs, roadways, garden paths, outdoor patios, sitting decks, porches, and outdoor dining areas.
  • How long do permeable pavers last for?
  • These pavers will last essentially forever. Well-installed permeable paver systems that use quality products like Belgard, Aqualine, Keystone, or Red River pavers (all brands we use) will last for decades. (They may even outlast their owners!)
  • How do permeable pavers compare to traditional paving techniques?
  • Permeable pavers come in at a cost about 1.5X what traditional poured asphalt or concrete runs. However, permeable pavers require fewer maintenance tasks, they last longer, and they are environmentally-friendly.
  • Do you offer permeable paver systems for residential and commercial applications?
  • Absolutely. Smart Scapes LLC is fully licensed, insured, and capable of handling any and all commercial and residential paving and hardscaping projects. No job is too large or too small for our team.
  • How are permeable pavers really eco-friendly?
  • Unlike concrete or asphalt, which acts as a man-made barrier between the rain and the earth, (harmful to the environment) permeable paver systems allow water to pass harmlessly through the pavers and into the ground beneath, just as nature intended. This prevents stormwater from overpowering storm drains and it recharges underground aquifers.

Ready for a free estimate on your next paving project? Still have more questions? Contact our office today at (615) 422-5263 (LAND) to speak with one of our friendly staff. You can also fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will reach out to you.

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