Combining Outdoor Art and Landscaping – The “Guitar” Project

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Custom art outdoor patio in Nashville created as a guitar.This unique, custom patio was built in the very heart of Nashville. We used our experience and niche expertise in combining art and landscaping to create a beautiful backyard patio that is perfect for the Nashville scene. From the moment we first lay eyes on this backyard piece, from the moment we take it all in, the casual observer can see that this project really puts the “custom” in Custom Landscape Design. That is the trademark of Smart Scapes LLC. Call (615) 356-0139 to get started.

A Project that Combines Art, Style, and Function

It’s projects like this one, the infamous “Guitar Project” that we enjoy doing the most. Here, we took an idea, a very “Nashvillian” idea by the way, and found a way to make a unique and one-of-a-kind backyard that was practical, functional, and artistic all in one.

In this special, landscaping and backyard custom design piece, we incorporated our garden design and landscape design into a customized guitar fixture. We made sure that each section of the landscaped “guitar” actually functioned as a usable backyard item too. As an added, eco-friendly bonus, we used permeable pavers in every part of the guitar piece, which allows for the passage of rain and stormwater right back into the soil where it belongs. Our use of permeable paving blocks made for a safer, slip-free paved surface too.

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A Functioning Backyard Piece

On the guitar fixture itself, the picnic table and chairs themselves make up the headstock and tuning plugs of the guitar. The fountain and splash pad towards the middle of the guitar also act as the neck and frets of the guitar. Then, when we look at the base of the guitar, the fire pit rests right at the sound hole of the guitar, and the seating wall rests at the very base of the guitar image, composing the saddle portion of the guitar's base.

Permeable pavers form the base of the guitar patio.What our clients loved most about this landscaping project was that the guitar piece rests not only as the focal point of the backyard, and not only as an impeccable art piece and a unique, custom landscaping design, but that the entire fixture is fully functioning and usable. Our clients can now hold backyard picnics at the table and chairs. The kids can play on the splash pad and in the “fret fountain.” And at the end of the day, Mom and Dad can entertain guests around the fire pit and built-in seating wall.

We can design and install something similar to this for you too! Call (615) 356-0139 to schedule a consultation.

Expert Landscaping Techniques Incorporated into a Backyard Fixture

This backyard piece isn’t all looks either. In fact, in this project, we made sure to incorporate multiple, customized and practical landscaping elements that all serve a valuable function for the backyard itself. Some of these utilitarian incorporations were:

  • Foundation planting for aesthetic appeal and rain retention.
  • Grading of the backyard for ease of mowing and trip-free, stumble-free walking and activities.
  • Permeable drainage for stormwater control.
  • A permeable concrete brick patio design for both aesthetic appeal and enhanced usability.
  • Custom concrete block staining to color the permeable pavers in the exact tint desired.
  • A custom table for pleasant outdoor dining.
  • The “Fret Fountain” as a splash pad for recreational fun in the heat.
  • Custom pavers, all permeable, specifically selected for aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly function.
  • A fire pit for late-night socializing and enjoyment.
  • A seating wall also made from permeable block paving stone.
  • Horseshoe pits for endless hours of backyard fun and games.

Another Completed Project and Happy Customers

Customized gardens added around the guitar piece, incorporating client-selected plantings, mulches, and sodsAs a final touch, our crew went the extra mile on this project by designing and building customized gardens around the guitar piece, incorporating client-selected plantings, mulches, and sods that complement the guitar itself. These plantings supply the necessary foliage and greenery that any Nashville backyard should have. We are proud to say that this patio and outdoor dining design now affords everything that our clients need to enjoy their backyard for countless days and nights to come. And, thanks to the combined efforts of our designers and installation crew, it does so with immaculate functionability and a totally unique appearance.

We know our Guitar Project will bring years of joy and use to our Bellmeade, Nashville clients. The guitar piece acts not only as a patio, dining area, fire pit, and a seating area but also as a splash pad and fountain, all combined as the real eye-catcher of the backyard. It will bring years of joy and use. Interested in your own, joyful outdoor space? Call (615) 356-0139 to get started.

Our Mission and Promise

Our mission at Smart Scapes LLC is to combine art, eco-friendly practices, custom design, aesthetic appeal, and practical usability. Through teamwork with our crew, designers, and clients, we accomplished that on our instantly infamous “Guitar Project.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to take your yard and outdoor kingdom to the next level in aesthetic appeal and practicality? Are you ready to evolve your landscaping into something truly unique to both your tastes, home, and neighborhood? And are you ready to do it all with expert, eco-friendly design techniques and products? Wondering who is the best landscaping contractor in Nashville? Contact Smart Scapes LLC today to find out how we can meet that title. Our direct line is (615) 422-5263, or you can visit our website at

Here's a quick, frequently asked questions section for some of the more common queries that we get about our custom landscaping jobs and hardscaping projects:

  • How does your design process work?
  • We have a team of designers who work directly with our clients to make the ideas in our clients' minds' eye a reality. The design process usually involves a fair amount of back and forth between our designers and clients, in-person meetings, drawings, pictures, computer-rendered design ideas, walkthroughs, and so on.  We don't bring our work crews in until our clients are completely happy with the project design.
  • How quickly can you complete most projects?
  • That depends on the size and complexity of the project at hand, but a cursory examination of our completed projects would show that we complete projects with a few days, a week to two weeks at the most.
  • What types of materials do you use?
  • A big part of our mission at Smart Scapes LLC is to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly practices into everything that we do. With that in mind, almost all of our products and materials come from U.S.-based manufacturers, and much of what we use is made out of recycled material. This way both our employees and clients know they are working with landscaping materials which are friendly and helpful to the planet, not detrimental to it.
  • Who would I speak to about doing a project kind of like the Guitar Patio?
  • Call our direct line at (615) 422-5263 and ask to speak with David, the owner of Smart Scapes LLC. You can also call our estimations department direct at (615) 356-0139, or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will reach back out to you.

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