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  • Nashville and Brentwood weather are ideal for having a great outdoor space.
  • But designing and installing a backyard paradise can be difficult to do on one’s own.
  • with over 25 years of experience in the Nashville area, Smart Scapes is ideally suited to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.
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We completed a landscaping project that was so rewarding, we thought we’d write about it!

Our client in Brentwood TN area had an older home with outdated landscaping. They asked us for landscaping ideas. We talked about and viewed some landscaping photos. Our job as a landscaper was to come in, evaluate what plants were still feasible and upgrade the front landscaping with evergreen, color and seasonal interest. Interested in something similar for your outdoor space? Call (615) 356-0139 to schedule your free estimate.

We Also Worked on Solving Drainage Issues and a New Sidewalk

When our team looked at our client’s job, we noticed that there were drainage issues that needed to be corrected. The homeowner also asked about a new sidewalk. We suggested several options of hardscaping that included: concrete pavers, brick pavers, flagstone, and concrete. Then we explained the differences in cost and showed them the difference in longevity and looks. They loved the plan!

Landscape Shrubs Specifically Chosen for Nashville

When we did the landscape design for our clients, they wanted a fuller, greener feel to their home landscaping that could stand the test of time without a huge maintenance burden. We were able to achieve it with a number of landscaping shrubs that perform well in the Nashville, TN area. We used a few species like: Arborvitae, Cotoneaster, Encore Azaleas, Muhly Grasses, Aurea, Abelia, Yews, and Annuals.

Interested in these plants for your own outdoor space? Call (615) 356-0139 to get more information.

The Landscape Plan

We presented the landscape plan to our clients and they loved the new feel of what the landscape design would give to their home.  They gave us the permission to proceed forward!

The Landscape Installation Process

  • We brought our landscaping team in and went to work renovating.
  • We removed the outdated plants.
  • We fixed the rain water and drainage issues, installed underground drainage.
  • We demolished the concrete sidewalk
  • Prepped to install a new paver sidewalk
  • Installed the sidewalk in a muster k pattern
  • Installed the new landscaping
  • Installed new brown mulch
  • Finished cleaning up the landscape

Everything came together perfectly and out client was thrilled! If you’re interested in a landscaping and hardscaping project for your home or business, call (615) 356-0139, or fill out our contact form. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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