How We Solved Flooding and Water Pooling at this New Home

  • No one wants unwanted water pooling or puddling on their property.
  • Unfortunately, Nashville is known for its rainy season, and the clay-based soil often does not absorb water very well.
  • Thankfully, Smart Scapes has the tools and techniques needed to modify a home's outdoor space to eliminate standing water!
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Subdivisions are going up all over Nashville. See how this city is booming? It’s certainly something to get excited about! But there are also some concerns to take into account and to prepare for. Case in point, when houses are built, taking up valuable grass space, where does the rain go?

The Middle South is already known for flooding. The Middle South is already known for its multiple rainy seasons every year. So when a large piece of untouched land is suddenly developed, this over-stresses the remaining grass areas. All of a sudden, those grassy areas cannot absorb the deluge of water off houses and garages, roads, driveways, and sidewalks. Flooding and pooling occur, and suddenly, residents have ponds for yards. Struggling with that problem yourself? Call (615) 356-0139 today!

Solving the “Unwanted Pool” Problem

In Nashville, we have a saying, “The only kind of pool we don’t want in our backyards is the one we get every time it rains!” And that is precisely what was happening to our Frankfort clients. Frankfort is a small neighborhood in Nashville that just had a new subdivision go in. Our clients bought one of the houses and moved in quickly, absolutely in love with the home and everything about it.

That was, of course, until it rained for the first time. Our clients had to endure a full rainy season in that new home with constant puddling and pooling around the foundation of the house. The water simply wouldn’t go anywhere because the yard itself was too saturated with water to drain correctly. This was definitely a job for Smart Scapes LLC.

Our clients had already intended to have a patio and deck built around the back of the home, so our task was simple:

  • Design a permeable paver patio that would direct water through the pavers and into the ground beneath.
  • Utilize a permeable paver walkway around one side of the home so that water gushing off the roof would immediately be directed into the soil, not onto the surface.
  • Design a gas fireplace and a sitting wall.
  • Innovate high-water capacity foliage and plantings in a “rain garden” format to help soak up any excess water.
  • Utilize gravel and mulch surrounding the pavers to control extreme flooding conditions.

A complicated task for most, perhaps, but just another day’s work for Smart Scapes LLC. Call (615) 356-0139 if you are having similar problems at your home and would like a similar solution.

Frequently Asked Questions – How Do We Do It?

The key to expert hardscaping and landscaping is not only to be an expert at landscape design and hardscape design, to not only be able to create wonders in permeable paving and landscaping, but to do so in such a way that the work actually improves the functionality of the property. Here are three frequently asked questions about how we do that and our answers:

  • How do permeable pavers solve stormwater management?
  • Permeable pavers act as a sieve upon the ground. Water strikes the surface of the pavers, seeps through the pavers and the cracks between the pavers. Then it transfers by gravity into the aggregate rock layers beneath, just as nature intended.
  • Which pavers should I get? Should I get Belgard? Or should I buy Aqualine?
  • For maximum transference of water through a paver system and into the ground, we recommend these five brands: Belgard Aquabric, Aqualine, Unilock, PaveDrain, and Pavestone. We can also get you exceptional pricing on all of these top brands.
  • How long do pavers last? And do permeable pavers filter water forever?
  • We completed the Frankfort project not long ago, and the paver system installed there is rated to last at least 50 years. These pavers last a long time. Most well-installed permeable pavers outlast their owners, filtering water into the ground beneath all the while.

Finding the Best Paving Contractor in Nashville

If you’re searching the web for, “Paving contractors near me” or, “Who lays pavers in Nashville?” or, “Best pavers in Nashville” or, “Recommended pavers in my area” or, “Best-rated paver installers near me,” let Smart Scapes LLC help you end your endless searching and actually tackle the problem at hand.

Right now, our team is running a summer special on all of our permeable paving projects. If you’d like to learn more about how a porous paver system can benefit your commercial property or home, contact our office today at (615) 422-5263 (LAND). You can also email us, or call our estimators direct at (615) 356-0139.

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