Transforming a Local Celebrity's Backyard with a Paver Patio

Few things make enjoying the beautiful Nashville summer weather better than a backyard patio. Step outside with a morning coffee or afternoon iced tea and soak it all in. This is why we live in Nashville.

In this recent project, a Nashville celebrity came to us and asked that we completely transform her backyard. Her backyard had a harsh slope to it, a steep grade that made her yard virtually unusable and prone to flooding and erosion. So, our landscape designers and hardscape architects got to work to design a comfortable and pleasant patio. We wanted to create something for our client that would be supported by retaining walls and strong, block paving stones.

The Job

Coming to our client's home in 12 South, we knew right away upon stepping into the backyard that this project was going to need engineered segmental retaining walls. We also knew it would need stone stair treads and steps to make the yard work the way it was supposed to. The yard had too much slope to it for us to be able to approach the project in any other way.

Our client wanted to actually use her backyard. And who can fault her for that? Her yard had become unusable due to the slope and the erosion, something we knew we could fix right away.

First, we had to excavate the existing space, and that meant removing a fair amount of grass, sod, topsoil, and dirt. Then we graded the area, smoothing and leveling the yard to create a flat surface on which to build the patio.

Next, our landscape designers got to work and drew up plans that would use Belgard pavers and Rosetta Koda retaining wall paver blocks. These materials would create a smooth, level, and pleasant backyard patio. The warm, light tones of the Belgard patio pavers would complement the rusty, savannah colors of the Rosetta Koda retaining wall blocks. The end result would be a classy, refined, yet rustic and bold patio.

The result was exactly what we had envisioned, expertly designed and installed by our Smart Scapes LLC team.

Frequently Asked Question

Curious about our process? Want to learn more about paver patios? Check out our brief FAQ below for some additional information on paving and patio paver projects. And don't forget, you can always call our office at (615) 356-0139 to get your questions answered from one of our friendly staff.

  • How long does it take to install a paver patio?
  • While each project is different, our crews can complete most patio projects in under a week.
  • What type of paver should I get?
  • In the project discussed here, we used Belgard pavers for the patio itself and Rosetta Koda retaining wall blocks for the retaining walls. But we also work with other, leading paver brands like Aqualine, Pavestone, PaveDrain, and Unilock.
  • Does Smart Scapes LLC offer landscaping services in Nashville?
  • Absolutely. In fact, in this particular job, we planted flower beds all around the seating wall, using plants like Hydrangeas, Magnolias, and Azaleas. We are a full-service hardscaping contractor and landscaping service. We've been landscaping Nashville and installing hardscaping since 1992.
  • Where can I find a Nashville paving contractor that installs permeable pavers?
  • We do that as well! Smart Scapes LLC is a leading innovator in permeable paving projects. We believe strongly in permeable pavers, as this is the eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious method for paving.
  • How long do paver patios last for?
  • Paver patios tend to last longer than poured asphalt or concrete patios do. That is because paver patios do not crack, rupture, or deteriorate. They are more able to bend and flex with time, given the interlocking nature of a well-installed paver patio. With that in mind, most paver patios last for 50 years or more. When well-cared for and maintained, these paver systems can even outlast their owners!

Choosing Smart Scapes LLC for Your Next Paving Project

Are you searching the internet for "Best paver near me," or, "Paving contractors in Nashville," or, "Best pavers to use," or, "Local paver installers"? Let Smart Scapes LLC help you design and build your next hardscaping or landscaping project. Call our office today at (615) 356-0139 to schedule a free estimate.

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