Landscape Maintenance

Landscape MaintenanceWhile all of us long for a beautiful, serene spot to relax and enjoy life, not everyone has the time, knowledge and will to invest in maintaining a splendid garden. We offer a custom management program designed to serve all your landscape concerns. No job is too big.

Plant care, weeding, lawn care, fertilization, pest control, disease prevention and control; as well as monitoring irrigation systems are all part of what we refer to as a "no excuses" program.

Get the garden you want without lifting a finger and keep it beautiful and thriving with our maintenance program.

While many of the services listed below can be contracted for individually, your best value will be through the creation of a customized annual service contract. Please contact us for additional details.


Mulching is one of the simplest and beneficial ways to help improve the soil around your plants and the overall appearance of your garden. Mulching helps conserve moisture, protects the roots of plants and prevents weed growth reducing the amount of time spent on tasks such as watering and weeding.

At SmartScapes LLC we only use organic mulch. Organic mulches help improve the condition of the soil, increasing the infiltration of water and improving root growth.

Landscape Mulching

We prep your property prior to laying sod. We purchase sod from one of the best growers in the southeast.


Re-mulching gives that fresh revitalized look and smell that comes with mulching. We will clean, weed and edge your garden bed before professionally installing the mulch to suit your property's needs. We also have the option to dye your existing mulch for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We clean your beds, weed, edge and professionally install mulch to suit your property's needs. We can also dye your existing mulch for a fraction of the cost of replacement to make it look new again!


Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best commercial and residential lawn mowing services, making sure you get that professional finish and leaving your lawn and property looking great. We offer the option to put you on a schedule, making sure your lawn is maintained throughout the season.

Mowing Lawn Maintenance  

Commercial & Residential. We can put you on a schedule to maintain your lawn throughout the season. No job too small within our service area.

Lawn mowing Services

Here's some of the Lawn Mowing Services we provide:

  • Mowing front side and back of yard
  • Trimming around trees
  • Edging of sidewalks, driveways, paths, beds and bushes
  • Blow grass and debris away from patios, decks driveway and sidewalks

Hedge Trimming

Hedges not only protect your garden from winds but also increase your privacy providing visual barriers. As with our lawn service our hedge cutting service can be scheduled as often as you need throughout the year to keep your hedge in good condition. Well maintained hedges, trees and shrubs will improve the overall appearance of the surrounding area.

Hedge Trimming  

As part of our service contract, we maintain your propertie's hedges and shrubs throughout the year. (Depending on the property and environmental conditions, we typically cut four to five times per year.)

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Help your landscape flourish by pruning your trees. Proper tree trimming and tree pruning is vital to the continued health of any tree and provides variety of benefits to your landscape and trees such as appearance, structural development and safety

Lawn Repair

Many lawns deteriorate for a number of reasons, such as poor maintenance, inadequate drainage, heavy traffic, pest or weed problems or because the wrong grass was planted. SmartScapes LLC has developed a lawn renovation program that will change the look and quality of your lawn.

Mowed Lawn Fertilization Grass
Lawn Mowing

We can change the look of your lawn quickly using several methods-- sodding; hydro-seeding; aeroation and fertilizer programs. If you aren't satisfied with your lawn today, you will be after Smart Scapes LLC develops a program to suit your wallet and your needs. Contact us today.

Lawn Fertilizer

When revitalizing a lawn we use several methods such as sodding; hydro seeding; aeration. Our fertilizer programs add the necessary nutrients in the proper dosages to achieve a healthy and desirable lawn.

Leaf Removal

Removing leaves from your garden can be a time-consuming task. SmartScapes LLC offers a leaf mulching and removal service to keep your garden looking great.

Cleaning Leaves

As a service to current Green Creation customers, we provide leaf mulching and removal services.


The best time to plant annuals will depend on the specific plant. SmartScapes LLC offer an annual service contract, to maintain and replant your annuals seasonally to ensure your property is always looking it best.

Annuals Pink Flowers Flowers

We can maintain and replant your beds seasonally to ensure your property is always looking its best every season. (This service is generally only performed in conjunction with an annual service contract. Contact us for additional details.)


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