Landscaping That Will Perk Up Your Yard This Spring

Landscaping With Flowers

Landscaping That Will Perk Up Your Yard This Spring

Are you tired of looking out your windows and seeing a blah and boring yard? Maybe your pet peeve is looking across your outdoor space and wondering where you can gather with family and friends as the weather warms up. No matter what your outdoor goals are, it’s a sure bet that these landscape services will take your home from drab to fab in no time!

Add a Rock Feature

A rock feature adds a great deal of drama to your space, providing a necessary stone border for gardens or offsetting various outdoor spaces. Whether you go with a massive boulder for a dramatic impact or a stone retaining wall as a focal point, a rock feature helps boost the beauty of your landscape design. 

Tree or Stump Removal

Is there a tree blocking your sightlines or an old stump that you’re tired of stumbling over? Get rid of these problems areas pronto when you work with a landscaping specialist for tree or stump removal. They can make recommendations that will keep your budget in mind while solving your landscape design issues. 

Light Up the Night

Nothing is worse than peering into the dark and stepping on something questionable — except perhaps brightly glaring lights that kill the mood of your outdoor space. Soft lighting that promotes safe passage through your walkways and encourages conversation in your outdoor spaces can make a major difference in how often you want to use this space.

Shift Gears with Your Landscaping

Is your home surrounded by flowering trees or shrubs that only look great once a year? Why not work with a landscape design professional to find the ideal mix of vegetation and rock features that will provide year-round beauty for your space? There are plenty of greenery options that have a longer window for blooms.

Grab the Pruning Shears

Is your home looking a bit . . . jungle-like? Over the fall and winter months, you are probably getting inside as quickly as possible and may not notice the sad state of your shrubs. With spring close on our heels, now is the time to get all of your outdoor plantings in shape. 

Ready to tackle these projects quickly and with professional support? Contact the experts at Smart Scapes, LLC by calling 615-356-0139 and take advantage of our Spring Landscaping Special today! Our team works with all sizes of projects and budgets, to help design and implement the outdoor space of your dreams. 

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