Lawn Care

Lawn Care

There's a bunch that goes into taking proper care of a lawn. A lawn needs to be mowed regularly, aerated for turf health, fertilized, overseeded, and irrigated.

Lawn Mowing

We have trained and experienced men who can professionally cut your lawn. To keep a yard properly, it helps to have the right mowing equipment and a good crew. The right time to mow your lawn is when you would mow 2-4" off at any given time. Most Fescue lawns and Bermuda lawns should be maintained at 3-5" in height to help reduce weeds in the turf.

Lawn Aerator

Smart Scapes LLC can help your lawn stay lush and green. By aerating your turf regularly. It helps the ground to breathe so your roots can flourish and your grass can grow.

Lawn overseeding:

Because Middle Tennessee's summers and winters are brutal on our yards here, it recommended to overseed with an aeration annually and lawn fertilizer. Organic lawn fertilizer is being used with organic lawn care to help with a green movement.

Leaf Vacuum/ Leaf Removal

It's important to get your leaves off your lawn after they fall so they don't smother the grass from growing. Sometimes it's easiest to mulch the leaves into the turf regularly like you were mowing the lawn. It keeps regular maintenance on the leaves and your property looking better.

Landscape Edging

Can refer to a couple of different things. Are you referring to edging the sidewalk or driveway mechanically to give a crisp appearance or using a material as an edger that goes around a bed or the edge of a sidewalk like cobblestone.

Lawn Service

Having a lawn care company that can provide a complete lawn service will help your property keep a better curb appeal.

Hedge Trimming

We can help keep your hedges right. As we are taking care of the rest of your property, we can incorporate trimming the hedges to keep it tight.

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