Pavers are Durable, Affordable, and Easy to Maintain

Paver Patio

Pavers are Durable, Affordable, and Easy to Maintain

Get your very own paver patio installation by our team this year and enhance your yard! The advantages of pavers over other options in the landscaping industry include their durability, affordability and aesthetics.

Compared to poured concrete patios, pavers are durable and a great alternative. Cracks and breaks can occur in concrete slabs, which must be patched to prevent further damage. It can be an eyesore if you do this type of repair work. A brick patio paver installation is durable, stable and allows for expansion. In comparison to stamped concrete slabs, brick patio pavers are much easier to maintain.

Pavers Offer Several Creative Options

What’s appealing about patio paver installation is the versatility you can achieve. There are countless options for shapes, textures, colors and patterns.

Pavers can go beyond creating a patio by adding hardscaping elements to the rest of your property, such as walkways, retaining walls or a fireplace. When it comes to patio pavers, your yard is your canvas. Pavers can be blended to create a natural look or patterned to stand out. Almost any style can be complemented with a patio paver installation. What’s more, a paver installation can raise the value of your home.

What To Expect With Installing Pavers

Visual aesthetics aren’t the only aspect of patio pavers you should be selective with. Here are some other aspects to consider for your paver patio:

  • Make sure you dig to the proper depth for your paver installation
  • Determine the height of the patio pavers and don’t exceed it
  • Create a barrier to minimize vegetation growth and weeds
  • Create a flat surface using a base and pack down the dirt
  • Ensure drainage by controlling the slope of the land
  • Make sure you have edging to keep your patio pavers intact
  • Fill in cracks with sand to keep weeds at bay and to create a polished look
  • Have extra pavers on hand in case you need to repair or to add more in the future

Consider Smart Scapes for Your Next Outdoor Living Project

If you live in the greater Nashville area, let Smart Scapes LLC help bring life to your outdoor area! A paver patio will create an attractive addition to your landscaping, bring life to your outdoor space and provide a relaxing outdoor area for your family and friends. Call us today at 615-356-0139 if you’re ready for your paver installation!  

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