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Drainage Solutions

Smart Scapes LLC in Nashville specializes in commercial and residential erosion control projects. Drainage solutions with specialized designs for any type ranging from swales, stormwater erosion and detention ponds. Smart Scapes LLC is dedicated to keeping customers projects on schedule by providing high-quality erosion control solutions and quick action to solve daily problems. Each year there are billions of tons of fertilized soil lost due to erosion.

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What is a Wattle?

Wattle, also known as Erosion Control Wattle and Erosion Control Log, is an easy, labor-friendly, eco-friendly erosion control device. Smart Scapes LLC and its trained, dedicated professionals can easily install this system on your residential or commercial project.

Stormwater Management

This hardwood MULCH-filled tubular roll, intercepts the water run-off filtering debris. The Erosion Control Wattle also reduces flow, and provides removal of sediments from the run-off water. These Erosion Controlling Logs also stop debris from entering retaining ponds.

wattle running parallel to highway at bottom of slope.    hillside wattle along sloping hill

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Soil Erosion Prevention—Why a Hardwood MULCH-filled Wattle?

Benefits include:

  • Wattle Reduces water flow
  • Wattle Reduces erosion
  • Wattle Stops debris from entering retaining ponds
  • Weight of a waddle prevents floating during heavy rain water flow
  • A wattle erosion system Prevents water-borne sediment from entering other spaces

Silt Fence, Straw Wattle versus Hardwood MULCH-filled WATTLE

The benefits of a Smart Scapes LLC MULCH-filled wattle, by far, are extraordinary compared to some other options for erosion control.

  • Does not require trenching like Silt fencing
  • Does not require back filing like Silt Fencing
  • Is NOT labor-intense
  • MULCH-filled wattle does not become matted after a heavy rain like a straw filled wattle
  • MULCH-filled wattle Removal does not require removing stakes like silt fencing and straw wattle
  • Mulch wattle Easily installs on rocky soils unlike Silt fencing
  • Mulch wattle Absorbs faster than straw wattle
  • Silt fencing is prone to fail unlike the stability of MULCH-filled wattle
  • Pooling is prevented by the sized mulch pieces and holes in the netting of the wattle
  • Mulch wattles can be installed quickly and inexpensively by Smarts Scapes LLC’s trained teams in order to control the sediment and stormwater runoff on your projects.
  • This system is ideal for filtration and effectively allows water to flow through the wattle. This is also ideal for storm drains or inlets.  

Smart Scapes LLC offers Erosion Control in the following neighborhoods & cities:

  • Nashville        
  • Brentwood & Franklin
  • Green Hills
  • Nations & Sylvan Park
  • Smyrna & Murfreesboro
  • Woodbine & Nolensville
  • Bellevue & Belle Meade
  • Madison & Hendersonville & Gallatin
  • Whites Creek
  • Old Hickory & Donelson & Mt. Juliet & Lebanon

Give us a CALL: (615) 356-0139 or Fill out a form describing your interests.

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