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  • It’s important to feel pride when you spend time in your outdoor space.
  • You want a backyard that meets your needs and adds value to your home.
  • Your yard needs to be a beautiful outdoor oasis, something that will make the neighbors envious.
  • Swimming pools are the perfect solution to creating an amazing backyard.
  • The problem? Digging a swimming pool by yourself? Forget about it.
  • This is where Smart Scapes comes in.
  • With decades of experience designing and installing unique and coveted outdoor spaces for clients, we’re the right contractor in Nashville for creating the perfect poolscape.
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What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Pools?

Few things add as much excitement and opportunity to one’s outdoor space than a swimming pool. The list of benefits for swimming pools is as long as your imagination. From spending time with your family and making priceless memories to entertaining guests during the summer holiday, an outdoor pool makes your home the focal point of social gatherings, special occasions, and neighborhood get-togethers.

Here are some common benefits that people experience when they have a custom-designed pool installed on their property:

  • Swimming pools increase health, happiness, and wellbeing. Swimming is one of the best forms of low-impact cardiovascular exercise, and the happiness you get from having a pool that attracts family members and friends is priceless. Plus, whether you’re sitting beside the pool soaking up some sunshine, entertaining guests by the pool, watching the kids play in the pool, or taking a moment to swim a couple of laps yourself, pools equal stress relief in more ways than one!
  • A pool increases a home’s property value. A unique pool design transforms your backyard into a private oasis, custom-designed and unlike any other backyard in the neighborhood. Swimming pools make homes much more desirable, boosting property values and attracting the attention of high-value buyers when it comes time to sell. Swimming pools offer a strong aesthetic element that adds visual quality to your home. There is no limit to design concepts and style options when creating your pool. And when swimming pool plans include specialty water features, unique pool lighting, custom materials, and modern design features, they add a prominent aesthetic component. The end result is a new installation that has a powerful influence on your home’s adjacent outdoor living spaces.
  • A money-saving investment. When people invest in outdoor swimming pools, they make their home an ideal staycation destination. Rather than traveling across the country or world for some good swimming, invite your family to stay home, relax, and enjoy a vacation in the comfort of their own backyard.
  • Pools, get away from technology and into the water. In a world that becomes more technological with each passing year, swimming pools are still one of the great escapes that get kids off their tablets and devices and into the water. Investing in a swimming pool in Nashville is a great way to ensure your family will have meaningful moments together, moments that do not involve screens or devices.
  • Recover and relax at the same time. There’s been plenty of research done that shows how perfect of an activity swimming is as a recovery exercise. From arthritis to pregnancy, asthma to a disability or sports injury, swimming is the perfect solution that gets you or one of your family members outside, in the water, and on the way to recovery.
  • A swimming pool puts the final touches on a perfect home. When you design and install a backyard swimming pool, it’s like putting a Google Maps pin on your house and labeling it “The Fun House.” When you install a pool, your backyard becomes the one that everyone in the neighborhood talks about, the dream destination for friends, family, and neighbors. It truly is the finishing touch to a great home.

Do the above sound like reasons why you might want the best swimming pool in Nashville? Call our office at (615) 356-0139 or fill out our contact form below to get started.

Pool Decking, the Smart Scapes Way

One of the most important features of a pool is not the pool itself but the pool decking, the area that immediately surrounds the pool and acts as the defining lines of the pool. This feature is responsible for containing the pool, defining its appearance, absorbing water splashed out of the pool, and acting as a non-slip surface for children, adults, residents, and guests.

A specialist team of industry leaders and experts in landscaping and hardscaping, Smart Scapes has innovated its own proprietary methodology for creating pool decking that performs all of the above core functions while looking stunning and unique.

Two of our most popular Smart Scapes-branded pool decking styles include:

Artificial turf pool decking. Artificial turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass pool decking. Trying to grow grass right beside a pool is nearly impossible, as the chlorinated water from the pool kills the grass and overly saturates it. Furthermore, natural grass is a pain in pool maintenance, as it means grass clippings, weeds, and dirt constantly find their way into your pool. Installing artificial turf next to a pool, however, provides a natural-looking, no-slip, water-pervious surface that completes the “backyard oasis” look. The synthetic turf filters water through it and into the ground beneath, it does not become slippery when wet, and it offers a soft, more natural, aesthetic appeal.

Permeable paver pool decking. Permeable pavers are the perfect, no-slip, eco-friendly approach to pool decking. Rather than using ceramic tiles or flagstones that become slippery when wet, water pervious pavers transfer water through the pavers and into the ground beneath, just as nature intended. Whenever pool water or rainwater strikes permeable paver pool decking, that water will immediately begin to seep through the pool deck and into base layers beneath, creating an aesthetic, no-slip surface around the pool.

Do you have questions about the best pool decking in Nashville? Call our office at (615) 356-0139 or fill out our contact form below.

Pool Installation; Let the Pros Do the Hard Work

As you can probably imagine, designing and installing pools is very labor intense. But at Smart Scapes, the best pool contractor in Nashville, we work closely with you to create your ideal pool design within your budget. You get to sit back and relax while our installation crews build the pool of your dreams.

Our design and installation approach includes:

  • Asking you for your wants.
  • Asking you for your budget.
  • Showing you available pool design options and getting an idea of how you’d like your pool to look.
  • Working with you, in real-time, to design the pool of your dreams.
  • Using the correct water management systems and other technical aspects of pool design.
  • Putting together the correct pool decking, pool lighting, water features, and other components.
  • Installing the pool and perfecting it every step of the way to ensure you have the perfect swimming pool.

Creating an idyllic outdoor pool that you and your family will enjoy for years to come does not occur overnight. Furthermore, your home, landscaping, hardscaping, and family’s tastes are all unique, each telling a heartfelt story about you and your family that grows and evolves over time. Therefore, the pool and all its features must be crafted in such a way as to meld perfectly into that story.

Installing your backyard pool is not just a labor-intensive job that’s best left to the professionals, but the design and creation of the pool is something of an art, the creation, and crafting of an outdoor space that works for your needs and desires. At Smart Scapes, we listen carefully to the needs of our clients to be sure that our recommendations meet their needs and budget. Call our office at (615) 356-0139 or fill out our contact form below to get started.

Swimming Pools; A Middle Tennessee Must

With approximately 208 sunny days per year in Nashville (more than the U.S. average) and a warm-weather climate from the beginning of April to the end of October, Middle Tennessee is the perfect place for a swimming pool. If you moved here from somewhere else, the weather is likely part of why you came to the South. And if you are from here, you know just how great the Middle Tennessee weather is. Finally, take the opportunity to enjoy that weather every day, poolside. Call our office at (615) 356-0139 or fill out our contact form to request your free estimate.