Innovative New Green Roof

Innovative New Green Roof in Downtown Nashville

  • Do you live in a major urban center but want to experience natural greenery and plant life?
  • Want to enjoy real grass without having to leave your home and fight traffic all the way to the park?
  • Smart Scapes LLC has innovated a fantastic system where our landscape designers can literally design and install natural grass sod on your roof!
  • Ready to experience your own roof-bound grass paradise? Call (615) 456-0139 today.

A leading innovator in landscaping technologies right here in Nashville, Tennessee, Smart Scapes LLC has begun a new trend in town. This has been the trend of rooftop turf and rooftop grasses, plantings, and hardscapes. When combined into elaborate gardens and turfed patios, this makes for the most elegant of outdoor escapes right on the tops of buildings.

Welcome to Our Living Roof

In this recent job pictured here, our designers and installation crew worked together to transform the clients’ rooftop from the original unused, unappreciated, and basically ordinary, regular roof into a pleasant, warm, welcoming outdoor platform. Now a completed project, this rooftop turf is a great example of how Smart Scapes LLC constantly innovates new ways to do landscaping. We are always bringing something different and exciting to the table for our clients.

We service Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro and neighboring cities in Tennessee.

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Green Roof

A Green Roof System Creates a Rooftop Garden Paradise

In this green roof system, we devised a way to lay turf down on a client’s rooftop, giving residents of this downtown Nashville loft a bit of greenery of their own. Thanks to the innovations in placing sods and turfs on top of a rooftop and thanks to our new technology of installation and drainage to make them last, our clients can now comfortably escape the impressive but sometimes imposing concrete jungle that is Nashville’s expanding downtown “scene”. Now, all our clients have to do is simply come up to their new and improved rooftop turf and hardscapes patio, firmly plant their toes in the new green grass sod for a few minutes and relax.

Enjoy a New Life With a Roof Garden Design

Rooftop turf, rooftop sod, roof garden and hardscapes are all entirely new methods of creating quiet, quaint, sunny and warm, aesthetic, peaceful backyard settings, all on top of the building itself. No more trying to enjoy a garden or patio next to a screaming highway or heavy traffic sidewalk. No more picking litter and refuse out of the flower beds. No more breathing in vehicle exhaust while trying to enjoy a small garden or sitting area. Smart Scapes LLC is actually changing the way that Nashville does turf, sod, plantings, and flower beds, and it all starts with roof top turf.

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Roof Garden Ideas Include Outdoor Grass and Sod Installed

Smart Scapes LLC is bringing its own ideas of converting rooftops into gardens right here in Nashville. This landscaping technique has been well-received amongst the populace. The approach used is the perfect utilization of what would otherwise be wasted space up high, and it’s a way to create resplendent greenery and actual, living plants in an area that is almost constantly ignored by owners and visitors alike.

Green Roof Benefits

Furthermore, as sods and turfs absorb UV heat well, the roof itself (several inches below the planted sod) does not collect as much UV heat as untouched rooftops do. This reduces an air conditioning bill considerably in the warmer months.

Enjoy a Unique Roof Deck

Smart Scapes LLC does not stop with just rooftop turf or grass decking either. With rooftop turf, artificial grass, synthetic turf as a second option, a varied combination of other plantings, styled outdoor furniture, and even hardscapes in the form of pavers, tiles, or sitting walls, an ordinary rooftop can suddenly be transformed into a more than enjoyable sitting area, meditation space, brunch or dining area, a “break room” for work-from-home individuals or even a place to entertain guests. On this particular job, our crew was able to create a quaint sitting area for our clients, placed on top of a combination of natural turfs and permeable pavers.

An Eco Roof for Both Residential and Commercial Lots

Having rooftop turfed areas installed are the ideal solution to creating some greenery on a newly developed property without first having to reduce the building potential of that property during construction. When homeowners and business owners first buy a plot of land to develop, they will want to capitalize on that lot and get the most building potential possible out of their acreage, especially in heavily urban areas where vacant lots are expensive, small, and few and far between. In Nashville today, rather than investing a significant amount of time and money into landscaping on the ground level of a commercial or residential lot and reducing the building apron as a result, why not put the landscaping on top of the building instead?

With this method, home-builders and commercial developers alike can build out their properties in their ideal fashion. They can use as much of the lot as they like for the building project itself, and save the greeneries and turfs for the rooftops themselves. Clients, owners, guests, staff, anyone and everyone that attends or inhabits the building can enjoy the rooftop landscaping in this way.

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Preparing for Your Own Grass Roof Wonderland

First imagine having rooftop access to a peaceful, quiet, secluded sitting area, complete with a grassy space and perhaps some assorted outdoor furniture.  This is a great way to take a break from the indoors for some sun and fresh air. Imagine being able to lie in the grass, looking up at the stars at night, or to watch the sunrise from the rooftop with an undisputed, three-hundred and sixty-degree view all around.

Whether natural turf or synthetic grasses are more to your liking, our design and installation team can accomplish any project in your mind’s eye to transform your current rooftop into a usable space of landscaped artistry and aesthetic appeal. We can work with you, every step of the way, to create a rooftop turf or garden that will bring enjoyment and a place of respite to your home or business for years to come. Reach out to Smart Scapes LLC today to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested? Intrigued? Ready to learn more? Wondering who the best landscaper in Nashville is? We hope to be the first name that pops into your mind, and we’ll work hard to earn that place. If you’re ready to learn more about these projects and how we can design and build one for you, call Smart Scapes LLC today at (615) 356-0139, or check out our FAQ below for more information.

How long does synthetic rooftop turf last?

A well-installed and properly-maintained synthetic rooftop turf should last for 20 to 25 years or more.

What is artificial turf made of?

That depends on where you are getting your turf from. American-made turfs are generally comprised of a special, high-performance urethane backing. On top of that are affixed millions of UV-protected polypropylene grass strands. However, over-seas imported turfs are made from cheaper latex-based rubber compounds with artificial and chemical fillers added in. Such turf might look good at first, but it does not withstand the test of time. Always go with a better product for longevity, durability, safety, and years of enjoyment.

Is artificial turf recyclable?

Absolutely. American-sourced artificial turf can be broken down into its separate parts and individually recycled for a zero impact on the environment.

How durable is artificial rooftop turf?

Very durable. Unlike natural grass sod which gets a beating every year during Nashville’s rainy season, artificial turf holds up well in even the most extreme weather.

Does rooftop turf get hot?

It does warm up a bit. But only in very extreme heat.

Will my turf fade due to constant exposure to the sun?

It will not. Our turf is fully UV-protected.

How does drainage work with artificial turf?

Drainage is designed in different ways depending on the application of the turf. On a rooftop, rainwater permeates through the turf and into a drainage system below which then directs the water out to eaves-troughs and rain gutters.

How long does it take to complete a rooftop project like this?

That depends on the size of the project, but we aim to complete most projects in 1-2 weeks.

Is my turf warrantied?

Absolutely. Not only is the turf itself warrantied through the supplier, but Smart Scapes LLC warranties all of our projects and materials.

Can I let my pet on rooftop turf?

Absolutely. Our rooftop turf is non-toxic and pet-friendly.

Does artificial turf have any toxic chemicals in it?

Imported turf tends to have unknown fillers and calcium carbonates or other cheap chemicals added in to create a vibrant look that, sadly, does not last long. However, locally-sourced turf is free of toxins, harmful chemicals, lead, etc.

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