Screened in Porch and Deck; Perfect Additions that Make a House a Home

Every family wants to have the best home where they feel the most comfortable and where they can share the best moments. A home is a man’s castle. A home is a woman’s haven. A house is the one place we spend the most time by far. We raise families in our homes and we spend the lion’s share of the greatest moments in our homes. A great way to make the best of memories is with screened in porches and decks. Here’s where the true memories of homes are made.  

There are unlimited benefits to adding a screened in porch or deck to a home. The options families can do with such spaces are all but unlimited. These comfortable and loving spaces can be custom designed to a family's exact preference. Screened in porches and decks can be made into an ideal family space or a great place for guests too. These are the shared spaces that make the biggest difference in how much time a family spends together. Screened in porches in almost all times of the year allow for true family time. Smartphones are left inside and on the counter during these times. This is the family-only place.

The Benefits of a Screened in Porch

Imagine rain on a tin porch roof on a cool, comfortable day. How therapeutic is that sensation? Now, imagine the entire family hearing that sound together while sitting and chatting in a screened in porch. What an experience. What catharsis of love for each other and a bonding that could be shared in such a moment. These are the Sunday afternoons that we live for. We love our porches for the memories they create, and the benefits they provide.

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Covered Porch

Goodness only knows that the benefits of a screened in porch are unlimited. The value brought forth by these wondrous creations is undersold and under-appreciated. The truly beautiful thing about screened in porches, if one could summarize it in one sentence, is that these spaces allow us to spend time in a hybrid location. Screened in porches create a perfect combination of space that is not quite indoors, but not quite outdoors either. It is this combination that we as humans in our very nature crave the most.

An outdoor screen enclosure offers fresh air, fresh breeze, but with a roof over our heads and a protection from outside elements. It is the perfect combination of inside and outside that makes us the happiest.

There is something psychologically and emotionally appealing about a screened in porch, and we feel this at all ages of life. Mother, father, son, daughter, and the rest of the family, we experience an emotional uplift when we are outside and comfortable. These are where the best memories are made. They are the best memories because we are at our best and in our best moods when we are spending time outside, and inside, all at once. 

Screen Porch Systems—Good for
Any Taste; Any Time

Screened in porches can be used all year round, as you can control the climate with built-in fans and heaters in the ceiling. Screened in porches also offer added privacy with a hard-to-see-through screen, knee walls, and the ceiling itself. These outdoor rooms are a good bit more private than even a well-built gazebo or garden path.

Screen Enclosures

Love being outside and breathing fresh air and seeing the full sun? Screened in porches and open decks are perfect for the nature lover and outdoor enthusiast alike. These are practically another home within a home for people who like to be outside. Moms and dads who work from home or manage the house all day long will find themselves spending almost as much time on the porch or deck as they do inside. There is an allure to such spaces like nothing else.

Benefits of a Screened in Deck

Can you imagine all the great times on a screened in deck? A deck with a screen on all sides and above, open to the sun and air but protected from insects? All of the vitamin D, none of the mosquitos. Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe fresh air and soak up the sun’s rays with the entire family while being protected? Family time in the home is nice, but family time outside on a screened in deck is even better.

Custom Decks

Screened in decks offer similar benefits to screened in porches, only with a little bit more diving into the outdoors. A screened in porch can allow for a bit more “rough and tumble.” Water guns on a hot summer’s day with no fear of damaging the ceiling, walls, or floors. Kiddie pools at the feet, water balloons in the air. Screened in decks, whether operating as patio enclosures, standard decks, or more of a “lanai screen-style” all present a beautiful and copacetic space for families to spend time together. There are just as many styles and varieties for screened in decks or open-to-the-air decks as there are for screened in porches. It just depends on what you want to create with your family.

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Screened in Porch Cost

The beautiful thing about screened in porches and open decks is they add living space with minimal costs. Such spaces are affordable and instantly add value and more space to any home. These spaces create more living space for a growing family without extending the footprint of the home. This is truly the best investment with the best return in the form of shared enjoyment and shared memories. 

Screened in Porch Ideas

There are so many ideas that families can utilize with screened in porches. Pass-through windows from the kitchen to the porch for easy passage of food and beverages. Bars and counters set up on the porch for making beverages and snacks without having to go back into the house. Double French screen porch doors that can be flung open on the warm and cool days both to fill the house with that natural, fresh, and clean outside air that we all crave. Ceiling fans and ceiling heaters to control temperatures and extend the usable season of the porch. Covered porches that can be enjoyed even on the hottest of summer days with the ceiling of the porch fully insulating you from the sun’s rays. Covered porches that can be enjoyed on the cool days too, with blankets abounding and built-in heaters above. All of these ideas equate to a significant increase in the quality of life one can experience when they build and customize their own screened in porch.

Deck Designs and Ideas

Intricate-design railings and banisters. Painted mosaics and tile inlays. Grills, bars, counters, sun umbrellas, comfy furniture, tiki lanterns and blow-up big screens or projectors showing family movies on the side of the house. Fully screened in enclosures, totally open to the air designs. Deck designs and ideas are as unlimited as screened in porch designs are. The sky is the limit, literally!

Patio screen mesh can be easily installed around the deck, run up and attached to aluminum or steel bastions that shoot vertical first, then horizontal above. Screen enclosures are very popular on decks and are easy and affordable to install. These beauties instantly turn any beautiful, sun-filled deck into all of the above plus it's now bug-free. A “screen room” on a deck that is totally open to the elements yet protected from birds, insects, spiders, animals and any other creepy crawlies gives your family the perfect outdoor experience with none of those occasional, negative characteristics that we sometimes have to worry about.

Why We Love Our “Outside Space” with an Outdoor Screen Enclosure

When you add a screened in porch or deck to your house, you turn your labor of love into a true home of love. No longer do the spouse and kids have to feel like the only way to spend time together is in the cluttered living room or family room. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place everyone could go that naturally inspired happiness and contentment and that was out of the house without really being totally out of the house? That’s what a screened in porch or deck does. 

When it comes to making the best of any house, we need to think with anything that we can do that adds to the home and that adds value to the benefit that the home provides us. Do additions and add-ons increase the value of the house? Absolutely. But that’s not even the main focus here. The main focus is making a great house for you and your family. The main focus here is to create great memories, to live the best life possible for the entire family. To increase the quality of living. The main focus is to take a house that's just a house and to turn it into a home.

Screened in porches and decks increase the quality of life for the entire family, and at a scant fraction of what building an actual addition to the home would cost. Screened in porches and decks are the holy grail of making a house into a home, the untapped resource that every budding family should utilize. These are where real memories are made. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear that rain on that tin roof? Watch the sun rise and fall every day and through every season? Hear the kids play and the birds sing, all at once? See the smiles and smell those fresh, outdoor smells? It’s time to take the next step and to dive into the very best that a home has to offer. Porches and decks are a great place to start. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When people ask, “Who does the best landscaping in Nashville?” or, “Who is the best landscaping contractor in Nashville?” we work hard to make sure that Smart Scapes LLC is the name people think of. But did you know that Smart Scapes LLC also designs and builds screened in porches and decks? We are expanding our product and service offerings to our customers, making our business the number one destination for all of your outdoor needs.

Curious about how we can help you with a screened in porch, a sunroom, a solarium, a deck, or a patio? Call our direct phone number at (615) 356-0139 or read on to our FAQ below:

  • How long does it take to complete a porch, deck, patio, or solarium?
  • That depends on the exact job and its attendant factors. Also, different municipalities have their own codes and waiting times on permits. If a project does not require a permit, we may be able to complete the project in a matter of weeks. If a permit and inspections are required, such a project could take 1-2 months.
  • Can I use double-pane insulated glass in my sunroom or porch?
  • Yes. In fact, we encourage it. The use of double-pane glass not only makes for a stronger structure (very helpful in Nashville's stormy season), but it extends the usability of the porch. With double-pane glass, a seasonal porch becomes an almost year-round porch.
  • What is the most affordable option in creating an outdoor living space?
  • To get the most value for your money, we recommend a screened in porch. A screened in porch comes at a better price point than glass sunrooms do, yet screened in porches still offer protection from the elements, a cooling factor with the addition of ceiling fans, and a guard against insects and animals.
  • Is a porch, sunroom, or deck considered an “addition” to the home?
  • Except in very rare cases, a deck is not considered an addition and therefore does not require a permit. Some porches and sunrooms can also be done without that pesky label of “addition” that requires time-consuming permitting. Either way, our design team will work with you to create an excellent model of exactly what you want, and then we'll work out the details of any necessary permitting as well as a time-frame for construction.

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