Back Yard Turned Into Cozy Patio Space in Frankfort—Suburb of Nashville, TN

  • In a warm and pleasant climate like Nashville, many homeowners want to create an outdoor space they can be proud of.
  • The only problem is, creating the outdoor space of your dreams takes a great deal of physical labor and specialized knowledge.
  • Smart Scapes LLC can make your outdoor dreams a reality, your very own “dreamscape.”
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Remote view of backyard patio with retaining wall. At Smart Scapes LLC, our specialty is creating unique and perfectly customized landscaping projects for our clients. We build patios that are highly detailed and accented to our clients’ exact desires. Start to finish, concept to completion, we are able to create our clients’ imagination into real-life in landscaping. We consult with our clients, multiple times as needed, to create full comprehension on the desired project. We use 3D imaging and drafting software to draw up plans, building the project on the computer screen first and then in real-life. We can tweak project designs with our software, consulting back and forth with our clients until we get a real-life plan of exactly what they want. Nothing makes us happier than creating the perfect project out of our customers' dreams and into reality. So we sat down with home-owners, Jimmy and Tianna, found their Dream and worked out how to make it a Reality!

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with a project of your own creation, call our office at (615) 356-0139!

Short Video Taken During Patio Design - Including Fire Pit and Flowering Plants

You can clearly see our designer filming Jimmy and Tianna's backyard, using her finger to point out what she plans to do with the project. To give our crew members a good idea of what our clients Jimmy and Tianna wanted, our designer pans the camera back and forth across the selected section of the backyard. She points to key areas of the yard, indicating where the walkway from the stairway to the patio will go, indicating an entry point under the porch and a garden space nearby for some beautiful bamboo plants. She talks of covered areas underneath the second-floor deck for an entertainment space. Her focal point is on the fire pit and retaining wall of course, the true center of the patio. She shows us where there will be foundation plantings and flower beds outside the patio to perfectly transition the patio down to the yard itself. Our designer brings to mind the beautiful concepts and great ideas of Jimmy and Tianna's, a project we were thrilled to get started on!

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Video Bringing Paver Patio with Retaining Wall and Outdoor Gas Fire Pit to Life

In this video, one of our crew members at Smart Scapes LLC walks the perimeter of the newly completed patio with retaining wall, using his own finger to point to each, completed aspect of the new patio space as it lines up perfectly to what our skilled designer indicated earlier. Our crew member mentions the CNS straw and river rock beds, ideally situated to handle water runoff and to create a perfect transition between the patio surface and the yard itself.

We service Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Frankfort, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro and neighboring cities in Tennessee. Call our office at (615) 356-0139 for more information.

Paver Patio with retaining wall and fire pit. He also films the fire pit and discusses the expertly installed gas lines and workability of the gas fire pit. The fire pit creates the most ideal and user-friendly fire pit experience, no wood needed to enjoy a beautiful fire with the entire family.

Garden Plants

Our worker then pans the camera across the fully completed space, showing our viewers the wide variety of plantings including:

  • Pulmonaria
  • Whirling Butterfly
  • Blue Sage
  • Black Bamboo
  • River Rock
  • Dwarf Pampas Grass
  • Pennisetum Karley Rose
  • Miscanthus Adajio Plat
  • Vinca Plant
  • Hosta Komono Dragon Plantings
  • Echinacea Green Twister plants
  • Daylily Joan Senior Plantings
  • Joe-Pye Weed Retention Plantings

Other view of paver patioe and fire pit and retaining wall. Our customers love our work because our strength is in our ability to give them exactly what they want. In the two videos shown here, you can see how we took this normal, average backyard and turned it into a pleasant, lovely, well-built and well-designed masterpiece of backyard enjoyment for the entire family. Whereas before this space at its low level beneath the second-floor deck was just a place to collect water and perhaps get a little bit dirty and sodden, now this backyard patio area will bring years of joy and happy memories to its owners. A true masterpiece of Smart Scapes LLC and a project we are very proud of.

Another Beautiful Patio Project Fully Completed

3D drawing of the new patio area.At Smart Scapes LLC, we complete projects like these on a weekly basis. It's a joy each and every time to complete one of these beauties! We love giving our customers the exact, perfect creation that they envisioned in the first place. Wouldn’t it be nice to get more use out of the outdoors around your property? Expert landscaping from Smart Scapes LLC inspires just that. Imagine how lovely it would be to enjoy the beautiful weather in all its forms and with the whole family too, outside, breathing fresh air and feeling bright sunlight. Jimmy and Tianna have that now, thanks to their new patio, and you can too! To get started on your project, sign up for a free, no-pressure consultation with one of our expert designers. Call (615) 356-0139 to get started.

Project Patio Garden Plan

Project Planting Plan inlcudes pictures of all the plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in how our team at Smart Scapes LLC can help you custom create your own backyard masterpiece? Curious as to our landscaping and hardscaping methodology? Give us a call at (615) 356-0139 and speak with our friendly staff, or read on to our FAQ section below. Our goal is to be the first company on everyone's mind when they ask, “Who is the best landscaper in Nashville?” We believe that helping to inform our neighbors and friends here in Nashville on landscaping techniques is a big part of what makes a good landscaping company a great landscaping company.

  • How do you design projects?
  • Our design process is a huge part of what makes for a spectacular landscaping project. At Smart Scapes LLC, we have a team of designers who work closely, in person, over the course of several days to a week or two, with our customers to custom-design a project. Our designers are often likened to mind readers, as they are able to fully understand the landscaping creation as it exists in the mind's eye of the customer. Our designers use computer technology to render landscaping ideas in 3D, as well as hand sketches, pictures, video content, and other visual presentations to create the exact blueprints for what the customer wants.
  • How can we best prepare for your installation crew?
  • Our installation crews are courteous, friendly, hardworking, fast, and they have an immaculate attention to detail. From the expert placement of plantings, flowers, trees, and shrubs to hand-lain pavers and hardscapes, to perfectly installed synthetic turf, our crews make attention to detail their priority. Preparing for the arrival of our installation crews is as easy as clearing the yard space of tools, toys, furniture, and various other yard implements.
  • How long does it take to complete the average landscaping project?
  • That depends greatly on the size of the project, but most customers can expect one week for the design process, and a few days to one week for the installation process.
  • Who do I speak with about designing my own landscaping project?
  • The man to speak with is David Schmutz, co-owner and CEO of Smart Scapes LLC.

To contact David Schmutz, Misti Schmutz, or another Smart Scapes executive designer or estimator, please call (615) 356-0139, or fill out this contact form and one of our outdoor dreamscape experts will call you back.

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