Paver Driveway Nashville

Paver Driveway Project Nashville TN

  • One of the best ways to improve the appeal of a home is to install a paver driveway and walking path instead of concrete or asphalt.
  • There is a lot of physical labor that goes into this, making a DIY approach difficult.
  • Smart Scapes LLC has over 25 years of experience in projects like these.
  • Let our team of PICP-certified installers take care of your hardscaping project for you.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your new paver project come to life right before your eyes!
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We have a client just outside of Nashville in Brentwood, TN that had built a house a few years ago.  The home was absolutely beautiful.  The landscaping was magnificent and it looked like the home had been there for generations.

Our Client Wanted to Upgrade Their Concrete Driveway to a Beautiful Paver Driveway

Our client had installed a concrete driveway originally. The homeowners said that they wanted pavers for the driveway at first, but that they couldn’t afford it at the time. After several years of looking at other paver driveways, they called us and wanted us to take a look at installing pavers for their driveway.

Our client had looked at several options in the past, concrete pavers, flagstone pavers, interlocking pavers, and paver stones.  They also had an idea of paver driveway costs.

(Are you curious about the costs of pavers? Call (615) 356-0139 for more information).

Choosing the Best Paver to Meet Our Client’s Budget

After about 30 minutes of discussion about which paver options would be best for the budget, they picked out a beautiful paver that we use from a local manufacture. Our client signed off on the job and we began their paver driveway installation!

Our Satisfied Clients Then Requested a Paver Walkway (Sidewalks)!

Our clients liked their new driveway paving stones so much that they asked us to install a paver sidewalk before we left!

Months later, our clients called us back to thank us for their driveway. We were quite humbled when they told us about how their friends and family talked about their driveway and walkway. They said their home took on an entirely different feel thanks to the new driveway and sidewalk!

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