Paver Patio Nashville

Paver Patio Project Nashville TN

  • Your outdoor space should be your pride and joy, the part of your property that you are particularly proud of.
  • You want an outdoor environment that your neighbors will be envious of.
  • A high-quality paver patio is a great way to create an outdoor installation that will last for decades and that will help you and your family create timeless memories together.
  • While paver constructs take a great deal of effort and expertise to design and install, Smart Scapes LLC is here to help you every step of the way!
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Looking for an Outdoor Living Space to Relax and Entertain In?

We have a client in the 12th South area of Nashville that had done a major remodel on their home.  They had us update their landscaping in the front yard just before their remodel. Now that they had remodeled their home, they wanted an outdoor living space for them to be able to entertain, relax, and enjoy in.

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Picking Out the Best Paver Product for Their Patio

Our client had been looking on the internet for paver products that they liked. Our clients ended up really liking one of our suppliers! Our supplier is a local company that has a great line of products. They took a look at the cobble style pavers, brick pavers, and 3-5 piece paver system. They decided on a 3-piece paver system that had a random cobblestone street feel to it.

The Patio Design

Our next job was to layout the hardscape design. When we take a look at patio design, we take a look at many things around it. Will there be an outdoor kitchen? Will there be a fire pit? Will there be an outdoor fireplace? Where does the new patio need to rest for aesthetics, function, shade/sun, and the patio elevation?

The Patio Backyard Landscaping

Then we need to take a look at the patio landscaping. Will the client want to upgrade the patio landscape? Will we have to install a new backyard landscape? Will they be able to afford this or do we need to provide customer financing? We talked to our client about their hardscaping and landscaping budget and helped them source out same as cash financing for their new back yard landscaping.

Paver Patio Installation

Next, we started implementing their backyard landscaping design. Our hardscaping crew came in and started work on their paver patio and when they finished our landscaping crew came in and installed the new landscape plants and followed up with the mulch. They loved the installation so much that they are now planning on installing an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor kitchen!

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