Permeable Pavers

  • Permeable pavers are a flexible and eco-friendly paving option.
  • This paving approach addresses water runoff, floodwater, and stormwater.
  • Permeable pavers look fantastic, they last for several decades, and they direct water through them and into the ground beneath.
  • Permeable pavers can be difficult to install on one’s own, especially in such a way that maximizes design benefit!
  • Smart Scapes LLC has over two decades of experience in designing and installing paver patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, garden paths, parking lots, outdoor dining areas, etc.
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Permeable Pavers are a flexible paving system that also serves to help with water runoff. When permeable pavers are installed correctly, they filter water into the ground before the water runs off to pollute streams, rivers, and lakes. If you want an eco-friendly paving option for your home or business, call (615) 356-0139 today!

Permeable Driveway Importance

A permeable driveway or a permeable parking lot is an environmentally responsible and sustainable solution. It is now becoming more important to install a permeable paving system to help with the stormwater quantity that is overloading our sewers and drain systems. In fact, many city and county building departments are insisting that homeowners and business owners alike install permeable pavers instead of traditional asphalt and concrete.

Here at Smart Scapes, we service Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and neighboring cities in Tennessee.

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What Are Permeable Paver Costs?

Permeable pavers cost much less than what many might think. The Nashville Water Department will give credit to your bill if you have a permeable pavement system and you don’t have to install as much drainage. So you save money on the front end and the back end!


Permeable pavers will need a little maintenance from time to time. The top portion of the joint filler will get clogged with fine particles and will slow the water filtration and general efficacy of the system.

The only maintenance that pavers require is to simply vacuum out to the particles in between the joints between each paver and then to refill the joints with #8 sand. Doing this simple task once every five to ten years is an inexpensive repair that protects your environment and your paver investment.

On the other hand, porous asphalt and pervious concrete (similar to permeable pavers but still different in many ways) does not have these regenerative abilities. And although porous asphalt and pervious concrete might cost less than permeable pavers, they will prove to been more expensive and less attractive in the long run than the pervious paver option.

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Drivable Grass

Drivable grass pavers are a good option on some residential homes and commercial access points.  They give a great option for any landscape or hardscape.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have drivable grass area? Grass and pavers combined! Call (615) 356-0139 to learn more.

What About Grass Pavers for a Pool Deck?

This is a great solution for a pool deck.  Want a paver pool deck?  Have to run drainage for the pool deck? How about a pool deck that drains itself?? Permeable concrete pavers can take 120 inches of rain per hour!!!

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