Facts and Frequently Asked Questions – Learning More About Permeable Pavers

  • People often have questions about permeable pavers.
  • Permeable pavers are a new and exciting paving option, an aesthetic and classy hardscaping design style.
  • If you’re considering permeable pavers for your outdoor space, you might have observed how difficult it is to design and install a pervious paver system on your own.
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Permeable paver paving systems made their first appearance on the U.S market in the 1960s. But it wasn't until the last ten years or so that these products really took off. Because of that, there is still much that consumers and contractors alike don't really know about permeable pavers. In the next few sections, we'll share some fun facts about permeable pavers. Then we'll answer some of the common queries we get about this unique and incredible paving technology. And if you’ve already decided that you would like an estimate on a paver installation of your own, feel free to contact our estimating department at (615) 356-0139.

Fun Facts About Permeable Pavers

Did you know that permeable pavers have actually been around since the 1800s? Pervious paving systems were used in Europe for pavement surfacing, to allow water to pass through the pavement and into the ground beneath. The intention was to avoid flooding in densely-packed European cities.

Did you know that there are several types of permeable paving systems? Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (the kind we usually sell) are the most common and most appreciated for their aesthetic appeal. We can also work with porous asphalt, porous turf, permeable clay brick pavers, resin-bound paving, bound-recycled glass porous pavement, pervious concrete, permeable cement, etc.

And did you know that permeable pavers offer real estate developers more real estate for their building apron? For residential and commercial builders alike, the use of permeable pavers on a property allows builders to not have to build a rain garden or water retention pond. Such use of permeable paving systems will enable contractors to build larger structures without having to purchase more land! If you own a commercial property and you want to maximize the value of that property, just fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page to get more information, or call us directly at (615) 356-0139.

Frequently Asked Questions - Where Questions Get Answered!

As permeable pavers are relatively new tech (new to the United States at least), we often get asked questions about permeable pavers, how they work, what their benefits are, what type of maintenance is required to keep them operating in tip-top shape, etc. You can always call our office at (615) 356-0139 to speak with one of our experts and get your questions answered that way. But we also included a frequently asked questions section below, to help you get the information you need right away.

  • How long do permeable pavers last?
  • A very long time! Because of their durable nature and the interlocking, web-like fashion in which they are installed, permeable pavers do not crack, sink, break, or suffer typical damage as regular, paved surfaces do. In fact, permeable paver driveways are rated to last several decades, and most even end up outlasting their owners!
  • What is a mechanical install?
  • Mechanical installs utilize cutting-edge technology to install pavers. Our team at Smart Scapes LLC has special equipment that allows us to lay permeable pavers with a machine rather than by hand. Such is much more efficient; it gets the job done fast, saves on labor, and ultimately makes permeable paver installs more affordable for the customer as well.
  • How much maintenance do permeable pavers require?
  • Very little. In between each, individual paver is fine grit sand or rock, depending on the install. Every five to ten years, that material should be replaced, to ensure the pavers are operating at maximum efficiency. This process is as simple as using an industrial vacuum to pull the old sand or fine grit rock out of the cracks, and then brooming new sand or stone into the cracks between each paver.
  • What are some of the top paver brands?
  • The five, top permeable paver brands are Belgard, Aqualine, Pavestone, Unilock, and PaveDrain. We work with all five of these brands. Just tell us what type of paver you are interested in, and we will order it for you.
  • Where can I find pavers in Nashville?
  • There are a few paver suppliers in Nashville. But because permeable pavers are new tech and have not yet been fully implemented into many paving companies, Smart Scapes LLC may be the only company that offers permeable pavers. Call our office today at (615) 356-0139 for special, contractor pricing on the permeable pavers you are interested in.
  • Where can I use permeable pavers?
  • Anywhere you can create a paved surface, you can use permeable pavers. Permeable pavers are some of the most versatile, user-friendly hardscape material in the world. And because permeable pavers come in so many different shapes and sizes, you're guaranteed to find a size and style of paver that meets your needs and which looks great in whatever application you have in mind.
  • How long does it take to install a permeable paver driveway?
  • That depends to some degree on the job, and whether or not we can use our machine-install equipment. But as a general rule, we can complete most of the tasks we take on in a matter of a few days. Larger jobs or more intricate, custom-designed jobs may take a week or more.
  • How much do permeable pavers cost?
  • There are variables to this, depending on which brands you choose and what line of pavers you select from those brands. But as a general rule of thumb, traditional asphalt and concrete come in at about half the cost of a permeable paver driveway, parking lot, walkway, or patio. Keep in mind though that permeable systems require no water runoff countermeasures, as traditional pavements do. No more rain gardens or water retention ponds. No more flood preparation or stormwater mitigation. So in reality, permeable paver systems save you money in other areas.
  • Are permeable pavers eco-friendly?
  • Absolutely. Remember, permeable pavers allow rainwater to pass between the pavers and into the ground beneath, just as nature intended. In this way, the earth still receives the water it should receive, and the region is not overpowered with flooding or excess rainwater. Permeable pavers are the most eco-friendly paving option available today.

Making the Shift to Permeable Pavers

Still curious about permeable pavers? Wondering who installs permeable pavers in Nashville? Looking for a Nashville paving company? Wondering, "Where can I find pavers near me?" or "Where can I find paving contractors near me?" Smart Scapes LLC has you covered! We have been in the hardscaping business since 1992, and we've built hundreds of paver surfaces in Nashville alone.

If you are ready to make the transition to an eco-friendly paving method, give Smart Scapes LLC a call at (615) 356-0139. You can also fill out our contact form. A new, custom-designed and expertly-built paver patio, driveway, or parking lot awaits!

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