Permeable Paver Mechanical Installation Video – Two Ways We Save Clients Money

  • More homeowners are looking into permeable pavers as a beautiful and long-last paver option.
  • The only problem is, permeable pavers are a highly specialized installation, requiring special tools and techniques to install correctly.
  • Fully PICP and ICPI-certified, Smart Scapes LLC has the tools, training, and experience needed to create beautiful paver installations.
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Wouldn't it be great to have a brand new, classy, custom-designed and built paver driveway or patio? Patio pavers and driveway pavers bring out a whole new level of class and aesthetic appeal that just can't be obtained with traditional asphalt and concrete.

So what's stopping most people from taking advantage of pavers? And how might we remedy those factors and make pavers more affordable? Call our direct line at (615) 356-0139 for a free quote, or read on to learn more about how we use pavers to save clients money!

The Number One Stop on Mass Introduction of Eco-Friendly Driveway Pavers into Cities

It has been clear for about two decades now that achieving permeability in a paved surface by the use of driveway pavers is totally feasible. Paving stones and block paving is indeed the eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete. We can use brick pavers that allow water to pass between the pavers and into the soil beneath, creating a system that is commonly called "permeable pavers" or, "permeable paving."

Permeable pavers, (also called pervious pavers or porous pavers) offer a unique solution to over-paved urban centers. Permeable pavers allow water to pass through the cracks between each paver. That water then travels down through aggregate rock layers beneath the pavers and into the soil beneath. From Mother Nature's point of view, it's as though nothing is preventing her from getting rainwater right back into the ground.

Permeable paver systems give their owners a paved surface that acts as though it is bare ground, allowing water to filter down into underground aquifers.

There's just one problem. For a long time, permeable pavers were unaffordable for many homeowners and business owners alike. However, thanks to new techniques being implemented by Smart Scapes LLC, that is no longer the case.

Interested in pavers for your home or business? We will help you get them installed and save you money in the process! (615) 356-0139 for more information.

Mechanical Install for Pavers and Paver Overlay Techniques – Two Key Reasons Why Pavers are Now Affordable

One of the reasons why many people do not opt for eco-friendly pavers is because such a route has been too expensive in the past. Thankfully, all of that is changing now. We at Smart Scapes LLC can offer beautiful, custom-designed pavers to residential and commercial clients alike. And we can do it at about the same price that one would have to pay for a traditional asphalt or concrete pour.

In the job featured in this article's image and video content, we were able to apply an "overlay" technique, a method which allowed us to cut out cost-heavy aspects to the job like:

  • The removal of the current paved surface through excavation.
  • The disposal of current asphalt and concrete.
  • A significant amount of labor.

By removing the above, three factors, we were able to offer a great, paver patio at a fraction of the cost of what such a job would ordinarily cost. And because this job did require some grading and site work, the client is still going to get the benefits of a permeable paver surface.

The second reason why this job was so affordable for our client is that we were able to use our mechanical install machine. This is a special piece of equipment that we at Smart Scapes LLC invested in for particular jobs like this. The automated installer is attached to a mini-excavator.

The installer picks up dozens of pavers at a time and lays them exactly where they need to go. That allows us to arrange a four-foot by four-foot area in about a minute, rather than having to move each paver by hand painstakingly. In the video, you can see the mini-excavator pick up a four-foot by four-foot square of Keystone, residential pavers.

Thanks to the use of our overlay technique and with the help of our mechanical install method, what was once unaffordable for our client was now affordable.

Smart Scapes LLC is pioneering a way to combine the following into a sensible and eco-friendly paving technique that is affordable:

  • Keystone pavers arranged for an environmentally-friendly, paved surface.
  • Overlay technique to reduce labor in demolition and site-prep.
  • Use of a mechanical install machine to quicken paver installation and project completion.

If you have questions about our mechanical install or overlay techniques, call our office at (615) 422-5263 (LAND). And to learn more about permeable pavers in general, check out the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Permeable Pavers

Are you interested in learning more about permeable pavers? Are you looking for the best paving contractor in Nashville? Are you trying to find pavers in Nashville? Searching the internet for "Who lays pavers in Nashville?" or, "Paving contractor near me"? Let Smart Scapes LLC get your questions answered for you.

We've included a brief FAQ section below. This section should help get your questions answered about all things permeable paver-related. If you still have questions or would like to schedule a free estimate for your next paving project, call our office today at (615)-422-5263 (LAND).

  • Where can I install pavers?
  • You can install pavers anywhere you would pour asphalt or concrete. In fact, pavers are even easier to maneuver into spaces not ideal for asphalt or concrete pours. With that in mind, you can use eco-friendly pervious pavers in open and space-constricted areas alike. You can use permeable paving systems in driveways, walking paths, cul-de-sacs, parking lots, garden paths, sidewalks, outdoor dining areas, sitting decks, entryways, outdoor patios, porches, and roadways.
  • How long do pavers last for?
  • Essentially forever. A well-installed permeable paver system using quality paving products like our top-five favorites, (Belgard, Aqualine, Keystone, Red River, and Unilock) will last several decades.
  • How do pavers compare to asphalt? How do pavers compare to concrete?
  • A porous paver paving system would usually cost about 1.5X the cost of traditional asphalt or concrete. However, such a system requires fewer maintenance tasks. Such a system offers an environmentally-friendly feature. Properties which utilize permeable pavers do not need to have rain gardens or water retention ponds. Last but not least, such pavers last much longer than other paving methods. Also, keep in mind that if Smart Scapes LLC can use its overlay technique and its mechanical install machine, much of the costs are drastically reduced without sacrificing the benefits.
  • Where can I find a commercial paving contractor?
  • Smart Scapes LLC is a fully licensed and insured commercial paving contractor. We service all of Tennessee and the surrounding states too.
  • Where can I find a residential paving contractor?
  • Smart Scapes LLC started as a residential paving contractor, and we still offer all of our hardscape architecture and hardscape design services to residential clients.
  • Are pavers eco-friendly?
  • Absolutely. Unlike concrete or asphalt, (which acts as a human-made barrier between the weather and the soil), permeable pavers allow rainwater and water run-off to pass through the pavers and between the pavers, directing the water right back into the ground below, just as nature intended. That is how we can create a paved surface that has virtually no negative impact on the surrounding environment. Permeable pavers even help replenish underground aquifers in dense urban environments, (not an inconsiderable bonus)!

Ready to take the next step on your paver project? Are you trying to decide on the best driveway pavers? Let Smart Scapes LLC help you through each step of the process. Call our office today at (615) 422-5263 (LAND), or fill out our Contact Us form.

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