The Benefits of American Made Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf

Here we have the age-old argument, the constant dispute, and the never-ending debate. “Do I buy local, pay more money, and support local businesses and get a better overall product? Or do I buy from a company overseas, pay less, but get an inferior-quality product?” We face this question every single day, and since money talks, we all too often err on the side of paying less for inferior quality products and services. And we usually regret it later.

American made artificial turf is the clear winner when it comes to quality, longevity, peace of mind, a guarantee of excellence, safety for you, your family, your pets, durability under duress, compatibility with all types of outdoor circumstances, etc. But is it the right choice for you?

The Benefits of American Made Artificial Turf

(Note: We’ve included an FAQ section at the end of this article, a section which answers most questions about U.S. artificial turf. But for now, let’s talk about the benefits of artificial turf, and why a product made right here in the U.S. is always superior to products imported from overseas.)

The saying, “You get what you pay for,” is one that is handed down from parents to soon-to-be adult children for generations. We’ve all heard this one, usually from someone else, and usually when we are complaining about an inferior product. And this saying couldn’t be truer in the difference between synthetic turfs made here in the U.S. and turfs which are made overseas and then imported into the U.S.

When you buy U.S.-made turfs, you buy a product which is held to strict federal and state regulations for manufacturing ethics, integrity, and safety. You’re buying a product where the manufacturers know their product is more expensive, so they insist on making the highest-quality product on the market. You’re buying a product that is safe, durable, which will last far longer without fading, cracking, deteriorating, or falling apart, and which will hold its spring and shape for decades. You’re buying a product which needs almost no maintenance, yet which looks and performs just like natural grass does.

Making Dreams a Reality – American Made Putting Green Turf in Your Own Backyard

One of the most beautiful things about U.S.-sourced synthetic turf is that we can use it to build just about anything, including artificial turf putting greens, right here in our own backyards. Out of the dozens of uses for synthetic grasses, this is probably the one most favored by the Smart Scapes LLC design and installation crews. Imagine being able to play golf, any time of the day or night, any day of the week, just a few paces away from where you lay your head at night. That dream becomes a reality with a Smart Scapes LLC putting green turf installed conveniently in the comfort of your own backyard.

Synthetic putting greens combine the ability to create greens that truly simulate the way natural grass greens look and feel, but which have the durability, longevity, and low-maintenance perks that are typically associated with synthetic turfs. Welcome to the new technology that is synthetic putting green turf, made especially available for use on residential properties.

Smart Scapes LLC – Design and Installation Experts for U.S.-Sourced Artificial Grasses

Smart Scapes LLC answers the call when people ask, “Where can I get U.S.-sourced artificial grasses and who’s the best landscaping contractor in Nashville to install them?” We only work with American made synthetic turfs and artificial grasses for a reason, and that reason is that we stand by our work and our insistence on making superior-quality synthetic turf projects and artificial grass creations.

For more information on projects we’ve completed, client testimonials, helpful tips for homeowners and business owners alike, and an online form for requesting free estimates, check out our website at We look forward to speaking with you!

Frequently Asked Questions About U.S.-Made Synthetic Turf

Eager to learn more? Want to really understand the difference between American made synthetic turf and imported turf? Read on to our FAQ below. If these items don’t answer your questions then feel free to call our office direct at (615) 356-0139, and one of our experts will further assist you.

  • What is artificial turf made of?
  • Artificial turf can be made from a few different things. American-made turfs are comprised of high-performance urethane backing and one-hundred percent recyclable materials with polypropylene grass strands. Imported turfs are made with cheaper latex rubber compounds.
  • Is artificial turf recyclable?
  • It is. While the individual turf parts can be difficult to separate (made that way intentionally, to be durable for decades of use), the entire product is recyclable.
  • Does artificial turf fade or lose its color?
  • American-made turfs do not lose their color. Such turfs are constructed with UV inhibitors built into them. Imported turf, on the other hand, is made with calcium carbonate, a cheap filler which does block the sun and make the colors “pop” for a while, but which wears off after a few years, causing a chalky, faded look to appear.
  • Is artificial turf safe for kids and pets to play on?
  • Artificial turf made in the U.S. is held to stringent federal, state, and local regulations and standards. For example, all synthetic turf made in the U.S. must be tested for lead and other metal contaminants. Imported turf is not run through this mill of testing and safety precautions.
  • How much does American Made artificial turf cost?
  • Turf made in the U.S. is more expensive than imported turf. While turf costs vary greatly based on the complexity of the job at hand, access to the job site, special client requests for the project, geographic location, and other factors, most turfs cost anywhere from eight to twenty-five dollars per square foot, including design, installation, and customer consultations.
  • Does artificial turf come with a warranty?
  • Yes. However, when turf is imported, the warranty falls on the importer, not the overseas manufacturer. This can lead to all kinds of difficulties in getting a warranty enforced. With products made here in the States, a warranty is easily fulfilled by the simple fact that the customer is in direct contact with the manufacturer.
  • Why should you buy artificial turf from U.S. manufacturers?
  • When you buy synthetic turf made from U.S. manufacturers, you support an American company which employs Americans. You’re getting a superior product which is safe, durable, more enjoyable, which lasts longer, which looks better, and which is fully warrantied and guaranteed.

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