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Mulch Blowing and Delivery

Mulch Blowing is the most efficient way for mulch installation to your landscape. In Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville we are the company to handle your mulch installation, remulching, and new mulch installation. 

If you want to prep the beds yourself and we install the mulch or if you want us to handle the preparation and installation, we can handle that too. We blow the mulch into place for a smooth appearance.  Blowing mulch into your beds can save you time and money. Our mulch blowing process is a quick and seamless transition from a bad landscape look to a fresh, well maintained landscape.

Mulch Installation

Mulches are not simply for looks, it helps preserve soil moisture by reducing evaporation. In turn, this minimizes the need for watering. Mulch also helps reduce the germination and growth of weeds. Mulch also serves as an insulator for the roots of your plants keeping them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Wood mulch retains the moisture in the soil to help your landscape plants survive times when rain is scarce or you can't sprinkle. Mulched soil stays moist twice as long.

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As mulch decomposes, it provides nutrients to the shrubs and flowers in your landscape. Mulch keeps new weeds from sprouting but existing weeds can grow through it, so weeds need to be removed prior to remulching. Wood mulch keeps soil warm in winter to protect sensitive plants.

Mulch Installation makes your landscaping look better.

We offer blowing for the following:

  • Landscape Mulch
  • Black Mulch: Provides a dark and beautifully contrasting color for your plants.
  • Dyed Brown Mulch: Keeps it’s color longer
  • Red Mulch:  It’s really more of a terra cotta color that lasts a long time. 
  • Hardwood Mulch: A deep brown blend of hardwood mulch that gives a timeless look.
  • Pine Bark Mulch: Has a distinct reddish brown and shredded appearance and is great for acid loving plants.
  • Pine Bark Fines:  Cousin to the Pine Bark Mulch but smaller pieces.  Works well as a soil amendment and also a mulch for areas with perennials and annuals.
  • Certified Playground Mulch: is nationally certified for use in playgrounds. Playground mulch is made from a variety of natural-color hardwoods. Ground finely for your child’s play area, Playground Mulch also serves as excellent covering for walking paths and trails. For safety reasons, we recommend an installation minimum of six inches deep.
  • Gourmet Soils:  We have blends of soils for your beds.  We can blow these soils into your beds to amend the clay that is naturally found in Nashville and surrounding areas.
  • Compost: Aged and ground up leaves to amend the soil.

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