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The smell of fresh, rich topsoil is one of the most wonderful in the spring -- letting you know that it's time for all things to begin growing in earnest. High-quality garden soil will help nourish everything that is planted in it, but dirt installation can be a big chore without the right tools. At Smart Scapes, we are firm believers in garden soil installation as the best way to reduce erosion and provide a nutrient-rich based for all types of garden plantings or a lustrous lawn.

What's the Difference Between Topsoil and Subsoil?

The upper 3-10 inches of soil is considered "topsoil", and forms over a period of years as organic matter and other materials break down into the mix. Surprisingly, it can take up to 100 years for a single inch of topsoil to form, which is one of the reasons many people require topsoil installation. It provides a healthy start for any added landscaping plants or your lawn, allowing roots access to the materials that they need to grow quickly and strong. 

How Does Garden Soil Delivery Work?

If you currently have a lawn or garden already established, the topsoil delivery may simply be worked into the soil that's already there. If you are building a new home or significantly updating your landscaping, any existing grass may be cleared before the topsoil is added. You can also add different grades of topsoil to your property, with some grades being better as a base for patio pavers than for active growing.

We Can Supply and Deliver a Wide Variety of Topsoil

Smart Scapes LLC can supply and deliver a wide variety of dirt supplies to our clients.

  • Screened Dirt: $37 a yard plus delivery or $775 a tri axel load plus delivery
  • Topsoil: $325 a tri-axle truckload plus delivery
  • Fill dirt: (dirt, rock, and some roots) $275 a load plus delivery
  • Sand: 1 Triaxle load (about 17.7 yards) $625.00 plus delivery
  • Sand: 1/2 Triaxle load (about 8.8 yards) $350.00 plus delivery
  • Delivery: Nashville $100
  • Surrounding Nashville: $125
  • Bobcat and Operator $80 per hour (4-hour minimum)

When you need dirt delivery in the Middle Tennessee area, contact the lawn care experts at Smart Scapes today at 615-356-0139 or fill out our quick online form for a free initial estimate for your project. Our soil delivery services are available from Franklin and Brentwood to Nashville, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville and Murfreesboro and in many surrounding cities. 

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