The Benefits of Roof Gutters

Roof gutters on homes and commercial buildings might not be a subject often discussed, but in areas that get normal to fair amounts of rain, these curved creations do more than their fair share of work in keeping rainwater out of and away from any building. Rain gutters are standard in any home. It is rare to find a house or commercial site without some form of rain gutter system. They are so common they are often overlooked, but the value they bring and the protection they provide to any building in waterproofing and water control is all but unmatched.

How Roof Gutters Work

Properly installed roof gutters apply a simple yet very valuable technology to any roofing system. The purpose of rain gutters is to get water away from a home as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Gutters act as the middle-man, the relay point for getting water off a roof, to the ground, and then away from the foundation of a home. All gutters, whether PVC gutters, aluminum gutters, vinyl gutters, copper gutters, or plastic guttering follow the same basic principles. The application of gutters is as follows:

  • Gutters, also called eavestroughs, are installed along the horizontal roof line of a home. Each length of gutter is installed at a slight angle downwards to one corner. Gutters come in all different lengths, but no matter the length one end is always installed slightly lower than the other to control the flow of water. Downspouts are installed at the lower-end corner where the gutter either stops fully or connects to another, downward-canted gutter.
  • When it rains, water runs down the pitch of the roof and into the gutter at the very end of the roof line. Water collects in the gutter trough, and, following gravity, flows downhill to the lowest end. This is where the downspout is located.
  • From there, the water pours into the downspout. Downspouts are installed into the bottom of the horizontal gutter, allowing for total water control. Water flows vertically through the downspout towards the ground, encased fully and controlled inside the downspout. 
  • Once the water reaches the ground level, water flows outward from the gutter, usually through a downspout extension that directs the water away from the house and into the yard. Sometimes, gutter systems will take the water to the ground and then direct the water into an angled pipe that is buried beneath the ground level. This is an ideal solution because a buried extension to the downspout not only takes the water away from the house and keeps it controlled, but it also keeps the water underground where it belongs as opposed to on top of the yard, plantings, walkways, driveway, etc.

The Importance of Having Gutter Installation by a Professional Gutter Company

Professionally installed gutters are a wise choice for any home. A properly installed gutter and downspout system is an important piece of the puzzle that is home water drainage. Professionally done, an aesthetic and high-quality gutter system can complement already extant yard drainage systems like permeable paving systems and underground drainage systems. 

Professional contractors who are experienced in knowing what kind of “water load” any roof will dissipate in a given storm will be able to determine what kind of gutters a particular house needs. Some homes need four-inch “K Style” gutters, others need five-inch K Style or even six-inch wide gutters. There are also Half Round gutters and other types of systems that will serve different purposes, all depending on personal taste and home type.

Basement Waterproofing

Gutters serve the key purpose of not only getting water properly controlled and off of a roof, but gutters also serve an even more important purpose of waterproofing a home. Standing water that collects near a foundation and doesn't go anywhere can seep into and through a foundation, flooding crawlspaces and basements. This creates a wide plethora of problems that homeowners have to deal with, the existence of water being only one of them. Water in a basement or crawlspace leads to more humidity and moisture in a home which can cause mold and mildew to accumulate. Basement waterproofing and keeping crawlspace water to a minimum is a task best accomplished through a competent gutter system.

There are a lot of affordable “tricks” of the trade with gutter systems that Gutter Companies can use to make gutters more manageable. Gutter leaf guards of various kinds can help, but the fact remains that a properly installed and maintained gutter system will beat any trick or newest invention just picked up from the hardware store.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Once rain gutter installation is completed, gutters still need to be serviced. Even when rain gutters are correctly installed, if they are not serviced they will not serve their intended purpose. Depending on a house's location, roofing system, water content on the roof, proximity to trees, gutter systems in use, etc., most gutters will need to be serviced about once or twice a year. 

If gutters are not serviced at least annually, they will become clogged and water will not pass through them properly. This creates an overloaded and overworked gutter system which ceases to function properly. Professional roof gutter installation is not the only factor involved here. Homeowners need to maintain their gutters, and gutter contractors offer gutter cleaning services for this very purpose.

Gutter Repair and Gutter Replacement

As much as we'd like them to, gutters won't last forever. A homeowner can get twenty years or more out of expertly installed and maintained gutters, but as is the case with anything else in or on a home, they will need to be repaired from time to time and eventually replaced. 

It's important to repair gutters when they need it, because keeping gutters repaired when they experience damage will ensure their continued function and workability. Whether a gutter is a seamless gutter, has gutter guards or leaf guards or any other addition to enhance its performance, a home's gutter system is still exposed to the elements and will still require scheduled maintenance.

Why Professionally Installed Rain Gutters are a Good Investment

high-quality and properly selected rain gutters are a great investment because they protect the major investment, which is the home itself, from water damage. We go through so much effort to keep our homes in good shape and a well-installed gutter system is the first line of defense against rain water (or the second line of defense if you are counting the roof itself). A properly designed, well made, effectively installed, and well-maintained gutter system will keep water out of and away from a home and yard, protecting the structure from water for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been asking around, “Who does the best landscaping in Nashville?” or, “Who is a good rain gutter contractor in Nashville?”

Want to learn more about our services and how we can address anything and everything outside your home? Feel free to call our direct line. We have knowledgable experts waiting to answer your questions. We can be reached at (615) 356-0139.  

Included below is a list of the most common questions that we get from our customers regarding roof gutters:

  • How often should I clean my rain gutters?
    • Properly installed roof gutters will last for years and years, but they still do need to be maintained. Smart Scapes LLC offers a special package on service and maintenance for all gutter systems installed by us.  We recommend service on a six month or yearly basis, depending on your location and the trees, winds, rainfall, and other factors in your area.

  • What kind of gutters are recommended?
    • Much like with other areas of home improvement, the better quality products you use, installed by a licensed expert in that field, the longer they will last. We use “K Style,” “Half Round,” and “Seamless” gutter systems for our projects, depending on the house at hand and what type of gutter would be most efficient for it.

  • Can I get gutters which will match the colors of my home?
    • Absolutely. And if your home is a unique color and gutters are not made in that color, we offer gutter painting services as a part of our installation process.

  • I live in a high-storm and rainy area, will my gutters require frequent maintenance and repair?
    • Not likely.  Well-installed gutters handled by experts who use high-quality materials will hold up to even the most tempestuous of Nashville storms, barring extreme acts of God.

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