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Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services for Businesses

Commercial Bank parking lot plowed clean.Snow and Ice conditions pose unique problems for businesses. Besides inconvenience there can be potential liabilities and loss of business.
To keep your business prospering, whether you own or manage a franchise store, a corner pharmacy, a grocery store, a bank, a pet store, or any other type of commercial lot that involves foot traffic, it’s important to enlist the help of professional snow plowing and snow removal services.

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Snow Plowing Near Me

We are always Near You. In inclement weather our mobile units are virtually everywhere. Due to our excellent service, our unique "TRIGGER SYSTEM (see below)" and customer demand, we have greatly expanded our service areas, which now include:

Tennessee: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Memphis and neighboring cities.
Kentucky: Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Owensboro, Murray, Bowling Green and neighboring cities.
North Carolina: Asheville, Hickory, Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Concord, Spartanburg and neighboring cities.
Arkansas: Jonesboro, Conway, Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Jacksonville, Hot Springs, Searcy, Russellville and neighboring cities.

Our Unique Snow Removal Service “Trigger System”

We understand that business owners need snow removal services, but as we are business owners ourselves, we understand the need to operate on a budget. That’s why we've innovated our own unique, “Trigger System” to our snow removal services. This system allows our customers to quite literally build out the exact schedule that they want for snow removal. The Trigger System allows clients to pick and choose their level of snow removal service that they want at the price point that best meets their needs.

Our snow removal technicians monitor the weather on an hourly basis, constantly checking multiple, credible sources for immediate weather conditions, threats of inclement weather, daily and weekly forecasts, etc. Different conditions will "Trigger" the response you requested.  

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Ice Removal

One of the greatest benefits that we like the most about keeping a parking lot plowed is that it keeps everyone safe. No small box store business owner, franchise owner, or manager wants a prospective customer to slip and fall on their way into the business. Not only will one likely lose a customer as a result, but they’ll likely gain a lawsuit out of it too. And nothing puts a damper on the holiday season like complaining customers and legal problems.

Keeping your parking lots plowed, sidewalks deiced, and entryways clear of snow, ice, water, and any other slip hazards is not only just good business, but it’s also good manners. Rather than ignoring the coming winter storms and trying to contend with your parking lot with a backbreaking shovel and your own physical labor, consider signing up with Smart Scapes LLC and getting on a schedule for regular, consistent, and dependable snow removal services. With snow plowing services, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your parking lot clear of snow again.

Tips for Preparing for our Snow Removal Equipment

  • Make sure that all vehicles are removed from the parking lot prior to the arrival of our snow removal technicians. We can service a commercial lot with cars present, but it is better if the space is empty of vehicles.
  • Ensure that the lot is accessible, with nothing blocking access to the property.
  • If you have signs, garbage receptacles, fixtures, displays, or other moveable items or decorations around, on, or near your parking lot, be sure to remove and store those before our snow removal technicians arrive. They can be replaced once our snow plowing services are completed for the day.

We also provide Commercial Snow Plowing Services for multiple facilities like banks and drugstores.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Removal

You might think it silly to start organizing snow removal services in the summer, but this is the time to get signed up. Snow removal is an important part of any property's upkeep when the winter months roll around, and if business owners and homeowners alike wait until the fall or winter to arrange this crucial service, it is most likely they won't be eligible for a spot in a snow removal company's daily schedule. 

Smart Scapes LLC prides itself in not only being the name on everyone's mind when people ask, “Who is the best landscaper in Nashville,” be we also strive to earn that title when people ask, “Who is the best snow removal contractor in Nashville?” To help get our customers informed on the snow removal process, we've included a frequently asked questions section below.

  • When do you begin servicing commercial properties?
  • We service properties very early in the morning. Our promise to our customers is that any snow and ice will be removed from their property before business hours commence. Our team manager has a software program set up with “trigger” systems in which our serviced locations are linked up with inclement weather programs. When a client's property is about to be hit with snow, ice, freezing rain, hail, or sleet, we'll know before the event even occurs.
  • Do I or one of my employees need to be available during snow removal?
  • Not at all. We will meet with you at your property at the onset of the season to determine the snow and ice removal services that you will need, and to set up a schedule for those services. But once we begin supplying that service, your presence on-site is not required.
  • If my business operates 24 hours a day, how does your team accomplish snow removal?
  • For businesses which are open to customers 24/7, or for commercial and manufacturing sites that run around the clock, our approach is to address snow removal in waves, and to do so during lowest-traffic hours. We'll clear areas of the property empty of vehicles and equipment. Then we'll move on to other areas of the property as they become clear of vehicles and equipment.
  • How do you monitor sites to determine a need for service?
  • As mentioned above, our account manager directs all of our snow removal crews from a central location.  Our clients' sites are programed into our weather software, a program that sends us non-stop alerts to weather conditions in the areas that we service.  Even if there is just a threat of inclement weather, we will be warned of it and we'll be prepared to contend with it.
  • How do you stay up-to-date on best practices for snow removal?
  • Every year our snow removal crews and administrative teams take part in educational seminars and special training programs to ensure our team is totally up-to-date on snow removal.
  • Do you use subcontractors for snow removal?
  • No. All of our snow removal services are offered by our own in-house team.
  • Do you use rock salt for deicing?
  • No. Rock salt is not only corrosive to concrete, asphalt, and pavers, but it is harmful to vehicles and other equipment. Rock salt is also detrimental to the environment. Our snow removal experts use eco-friendly deicing products like potassium/sodium chloride and other safe mixtures.

If you're ready to get signed up or if you still have a question you didn't get answered here, don't hesitate to call!

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