What is Included in Landscaping?

Landscaping With Rocks

What is Included in Landscaping?

Do you have an area around your home that you’ve always wanted to landscape, but weren’t quite sure how to get started? Perhaps you’re unclear about the exact landscape services that a company in the Middle Tennessee area will provide. Fortunately, we’ve pulled together all you need to know about what’s included in a landscaping project! From design to cleanup, here’s the details that will help you ask the right questions to hone in on the perfect landscaping project for your family. 

Professional Landscape Design

Professional landscapers have a great understanding of the area’s climate and are able to make the best recommendations for landscaping that will stand the test of time. It’s easy enough to go to a local home improvement store or nursery and get some gorgeous plants, but what if they don’t play well together — or can’t thrive in your particular location due to drainage issues? Professional landscape designers can help provide insight that will actually save you money otherwise spent on rework.

Prepping Your Space and Installing Hardscaping

Adding hardscapes or doing any type of major renovation to your outdoor space will likely require some preparation, which is often the first phase of your landscape services. Once any necessary site demolition or grading is complete, then your landscaper is able to install any hardscaping, including driveways, patios, sidewalks or retaining walls. This creates a great background for the next step: planting! 

Adding Accent Plants and Groundcover

Once your hardscaping is squared away, then your landscaping project can really take shape and come to life. Your landscaping company will find plants that will work well together and thrive in the Middle Tennessee weather, ensuring that you’ll have a lovely space for years to come. Even groundcover must be carefully selected, so you don’t have a particular item that overruns your other plantings or can’t survive the year.

Keeping Things Clean

The final step for your landscaping company will be to clean up any leftover bags or paper that was attached to plants, so all your left with is a stunning new space that you can start using immediately. 

While different landscaping design companies might include a variety of services, what is most important is that you have clear and consistent communication with your landscapers. As Nashville’s premier landscaping company, we have decades of experience working with families and businesses to ensure your project is successful. Contact the team at Smart Scapes today at 615-422-5263 or fill out our quick online contact form to schedule an appointment with our landscape professionals.    

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